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Miss Read, 1913 - 2012 Miss Read was born on April 17, 1913 as Dora Jessie Shafe. She worked as a teacher and started writing after World War II for Punch and other journals and as a scriptwriter for the BBC. She wrote her novels under the name Read, which was her mother's maiden name. She is best mostrar mais known for her novels of English rural life and used her own memories of living and teaching in a small English village in her novels. She wrote more than forty novels; many were set in the British countryside -- Fairacre and Thrush Green novels. Read finished her writing career in 1996 with A Peaceful Retirement. In 1998, she was awarded an MBE for her services to literature. She died on April 7, 2012. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


Obras de Miss Read

Village School (1955) 771 cópias
Thrush Green (1959) 522 cópias
Village Diary (1957) 365 cópias
Village Centenary (1980) 331 cópias
News from Thrush Green (1970) 313 cópias
Over the Gate (1964) 310 cópias
Summer at Fairacre (1984) 309 cópias
Winter in Thrush Green (1961) 300 cópias
Battles at Thrush Green (1975) 298 cópias
Gossip from Thrush Green (1981) 298 cópias
Storm in the Village (1958) 297 cópias
Affairs at Thrush Green (1983) 296 cópias
No Holly for Miss Quinn (1976) 272 cópias
Village Affairs (1977) 258 cópias
The School at Thrush Green (1987) 253 cópias
At Home in Thrush Green (1985) 253 cópias
Mrs. Pringle of Fairacre (1989) 250 cópias
Farewell to Fairacre (1993) 245 cópias
Changes at Fairacre (1991) 243 cópias
Friends at Thrush Green (1990) 238 cópias
Tyler's Row (1972) 235 cópias
Fresh from the Country (1955) 229 cópias
Farther Afield (1974) 218 cópias
Miss Clare Remembers (1962) 216 cópias
A Peaceful Retirement (1996) 216 cópias
The Fairacre Festival (1968) 208 cópias
Village Christmas (1966) 194 cópias
The Year at Thrush Green (1996) 185 cópias
Celebrations at Thrush Green (1992) 182 cópias
The Market Square (1966) 150 cópias
The White Robin (1979) 142 cópias
Tales from a Village School (1994) 127 cópias
The Howards of Caxley (1967) 125 cópias
Time Remembered (1986) 111 cópias
The Christmas Mouse (1973) 111 cópias
A Fortunate Grandchild (1982) 110 cópias
Emily Davis (1971) 102 cópias
Christmas at Thrush Green (2009) 95 cópias
The Caxley Chronicles (1999) 82 cópias
The World of Thrush Green (1988) 80 cópias
Tiggy (1971) 50 cópias
Miss Read's Christmas Book (1992) 48 cópias
Miss Read's Country Cooking (1969) 35 cópias
Country Bunch (1963) 32 cópias
A Country Christmas (2006) 31 cópias
Fairacre Affairs (1980) 23 cópias
Tales from Thrush Green (1994) 11 cópias
The World of Miss Read (1995) 3 cópias
Hobby Horse Cottage. (1958) 3 cópias
Hob and the Horse-Bat (1974) 3 cópias
The New Bed 1 exemplar(es)
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Hi, I'm new - and an offer em Tattered but still lovely (Junho 2016)


I enjoy an older, cozy British novel from time to time, and in many ways, Village School did not disappoint. Our narrator, Miss Read, is a primary school teacher in a two-room schoolhouse in Fairacre, a village in the bucolic English countryside. Through her eyes we see the quiet doings of the villagers and especially the children both in school and out. Festivals, measles outbreaks, and choir practices enliven an otherwise placid atmosphere. I enjoyed escaping to a simpler world for a while. Unfortunately that world is also home to an undercurrent of gentile racism that was startling whenever it appeared. Because of it I was unable to truly enjoy the novel and won't be continuing on with the series.… (mais)
labfs39 | outras 23 resenhas | May 18, 2024 |
I've read a few books by Miss Read, and this is the first one that disappointed me. Maybe because it was so simple? I like the host of characters that usually populate her books; there weren't that many here. Although there was at least one fabulous character name — Horace Umbleditch. The reliably lovely scenes of village life and nature were there. I was surprised by the two deaths. I think the message is that there are fragile things in life, and they are vulnerable to cruelty and things beyond their control.
A couple of passages I liked:
Horace Umbleditch proved to be an elegant man with dark hair and a gold-rimmed monocle swinging on a black silk cord about his neck. From Amy's description I had expected a somewhat pathetic figure, undernourished and shy, but the new organist, although enviably slim, was obviously fit and distinctly voluble. I could see that he would more than hold his own in the assembled company.
One of the comforts of middle age, i find, is the comparative peace of mind which engulfs one when one has finally decided what to put on. When young, one's evening can be ruined by the thought that one's shoes are the wrong colour, or one's hair needs shampooing. Advancing age has its modest compensations.
… (mais)
ReadMeAnother | 1 outra resenha | Mar 13, 2024 |
The Fairacre Festival by Miss Read is the 7th book in her Fairacre series which is set in a small English village. It is narrated by the village school teacher and the stories are often centred around the school but in this outing we are mostly reading about the church.

When a storm brings a large tree down upon the roof of the church, the villagers of Fairacre need to come together to raise the necessary funds for repairs. They decide to hold a festival, a week long series of events with the help of a few kind-hearted celebrities and many volunteers. There will be a garden show, afternoon teas, a concert by the schoolchildren and the highlight of the festival, a nightly light and sound show, set in the ancient church that details the history of Fairacre. The funds mount but will it be enough to pay for the repairs needed or must they sell off the church treasure, a silver chalice that is brought out for special services.

A simple story that encapsulates village life and expectations. Miss Read obviously knows of what she writes as the village politics and the local characters feel real as they liven up the story and keep it from becoming too sentimental.
… (mais)
DeltaQueen50 | outras 5 resenhas | Mar 11, 2024 |
Sweet tales of school and village life in the English village of Fairacre. Written by Dora Jessie Saint, a village schoolteacher under the pseudonym "Miss Read."
BookScout83 | outras 23 resenhas | Jan 29, 2024 |



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