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Sonia Purnell is a journalist known for her investigative skills. She began her career at The Economist Intelligence Unit before going on to edit a weekly financial magazine at only 25 years old. She has since worked for a number of newspapers, including the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent mostrar mais on Sunday and the London Evening Standard. It was during her time working for the Telegraph in Brussels in the early 1990s that Sonia worked with Boris Johnson, who later became the Mayor of London and the subject of Sonia¿s first book, Just Boris. In 2012 Aurum Press released Sonia's new ebook, Pedal Power: How Boris Johnson Failed London's Cyclists. Sonia¿s latest book, First Lady, explores the dynamics of the fascinating union between Clementine and Winston Churchill. From the personal and political upheavals of the Great War, through the Churchills¿ `wilderness years¿ in the 1930s, to Clementine¿s efforts to preserve her husband¿s health during the struggle against Hitler. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Wow! Strength of character, courage, passion and the will to NEVER give up. Virginia Hall deserves the recognition she never wanted. She literally changed the course of WWII in France and was a pioneer of practices that are still used today in the CIA. So again, WOW! What a woman!
snewell2 | outras 64 resenhas | Jun 24, 2024 |
Virginia Hall was one of the most amazing women who most of us have never heard of. Purnell gives a good history of this brave and intelligent woman who, although she was American, worked with the British to organize groups of the French Resistance to sabotage and attack the Germans leading up to the after the D-Day landings. And it wasn't just the great work she accomplished; all the way along she had to combat male chauvinism and hide her disability to be able to do what she did.

is yet another book that shows how grossly incompetent the SOE was. If they achieved anything, and they did achieve a lot, it was because of the excellent men and women who went into the field and not because of those who directed from behind their desks in London. Many of those in London, and particularly Maurice Buckmaster, the head of the French section, should have been court-martialed or put on trial after the war. Instead they bestowed honors upon him.… (mais)
dvoratreis | outras 64 resenhas | May 22, 2024 |
Virginia Hall was a woman of great importance. Her undercover work in the Second World War marks her as one of the greatest spies in American history. The dangers she faced, the risks she took, and the hardships she endured all for the sake of helping the French Resistance are unparalleled. That being said, this book was a slog to get through. Poorly organized, with numerous characters and many code names, it was difficult to keep track of the characters and their actions. Though evidently well researched, I never really got to know the people in this book, including the main character, so little was actually said about the people. This should have been a gripping account of a fascinating woman. Instead, because of its dry narrative and over abundance of facts that overwhelmed the reader without grasping the heart of Virginia Hall, it was not.… (mais)
Maydacat | outras 64 resenhas | May 20, 2024 |



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