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Richard Powers was born on June 18, 1957 in Evanston, Illinois. He received bachelor's and master's degrees in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. After graduation, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked as a computer programmer and freelance data processor. One day mostrar mais he saw August Sander's 1914 black-and-white photograph of three Westerwald farm boys heading to a dance at the Museum of Fine Arts. This photograph inspired Powers to quit his job and try writing a novel. Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance was published in 1985. His other works include Prisoner's Dilemma, The Gold Bug Variations, Operation Wandering Soul, Galatea 2.2, Plowing the Dark, The Time of Our Singing, and Generosity: An Enhancement. He received numerous awards including the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for Best Historical Fiction for Gain, the National Book Award for The Echo Maker, and Pulitzer Prize in fiction for The Overstory: A Novel. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Richard Powers

The Overstory (2018) 5,487 cópias
The Echo Maker (2006) 2,611 cópias
Bewilderment (2021) 1,548 cópias
The Time of Our Singing (2003) 1,363 cópias
Galatea 2.2 (1995) 1,332 cópias
The Gold Bug Variations (1991) 1,238 cópias
Orfeo (2014) 899 cópias
Generosity: An Enhancement (2009) 671 cópias
Plowing the Dark (2000) 659 cópias
Gain (1999) 623 cópias
Operation Wandering Soul (1993) 443 cópias
Prisoner's Dilemma (1988) 381 cópias
Genie (2012) 13 cópias
Ways of Hearing: Reflections on Music in 26 Pieces (2021) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias

Associated Works

The Orphan Master's Son (2012) — Posfácio, algumas edições3,975 cópias
The Future Dictionary of America (2004) — Contribuinte — 630 cópias
The Best American Short Stories 2009 (2009) — Contribuinte — 362 cópias
The Best American Short Stories 2011 (2011) — Contribuinte — 351 cópias
Granta 90: Country Life (2005) — Contribuinte — 159 cópias
Granta 108: Chicago (2009) — Contribuinte — 143 cópias
Read Hard: Five Years of Great Writing from the Believer (2009) — Contribuinte — 79 cópias
The Paris Review 167 2003 Fall (2003) — Contribuinte — 14 cópias
Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan, Volume 03 (2013) — Contribuinte — 11 cópias
Black Clock 21 (2016) — Contribuinte — 4 cópias
Black Clock 3 — Contribuinte — 1 exemplar(es)


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2014 Booker Prize longlist: Orfeo em Booker Prize (Agosto 2014)


Theodore (Theo), an astrobiologist and university professor, and Robin Byrne are father and son. Robin's mother, Alyssa, an environmental lawyer, was killed in a car accident when she avoided hitting an opossum. Robin was 7 years old at the time and struggling with Asperger's, ADHD, and/or OCD. When he lost his mother, he became much worse. Theo, trying to have the best life for his son, refuses to medicate him due to his age. He has trouble in school and acts out at home. Theo tells him stories about possible life on other planets. Theo works at a university where there is a neurology researcher investigating decoded neurofeedback named Currier who had been a former lover of his wife. After a bad outburst, Theo arranges for Robin to be treated with DecNef. Theo begins homeschooling him and Robin thrives--so much so that he becomes famous for his championing of endangered animals and plants. However, the United States is in political distress with the president staying in office beyond his term and arrests of detractors. Congress is refusing to fund the search for extraterrestrial life and other research areas. I really did not like how this ended, nor did I appreciate all the supposedly technical information about astrobiology - don't know if it was made up or is really in that research area.… (mais)
baughga | outras 77 resenhas | Jun 18, 2024 |
An interesting read. It helps if you take notes to track the people and generations. I think it also helps to be familiar with the story in "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf".
Catherine.Cox | outras 248 resenhas | Jun 16, 2024 |
So, let me get this straight, dad of troubled child. You refuse to put your child on regulated medication because reasons, but you will allow a man who you are pretty sure has a grudge against you to experiment on him? Seriously, that's all you need to know about the book. Also, because I read this for a class, I have the audio and the print. Do not read the print. It gives spoilers from the first page which just serve to ruin the whole book.
IriDas | outras 77 resenhas | Jun 12, 2024 |
Priviliged white man writes a really boring book to tell ordinary people to quit their day jobs and live in the trees to keep them from being felled. Maybe it would have hit harder if I'd read it BEFORE the pandemic. But the fact that, irl, he brags about how he just up and left his cushy professor job and went to live in the forest and man does he feel better now. Golly, if only we ALL could do that Dick. As for character development, he never scratched the surface. In fact, I could probably have used this for my paper on The Male Gaze because, at one point, apropos of nothing, some logger tells the tree hugger young woman, "man, you are hot." That's about as deep as it went. Oh, and of course, white male writer obsesses with bodily fluids. A woman is living in a tree for months and the only thing discussed is how she pees and poops. Is she on the short pill? Or does she just magically turn her period off? Dick, I really want to know, are you aware that afabs have other bodily fluids? *sigh* In short, just another rich white dude with zero solutions trying to tell us povos how we should live.

Side note: It was reading this book that made me realize that trees are the liberal "unborn." Conservatives have their "babies" to save, and that helps them ignore the real suffering of real people, liberals have their tress.
… (mais)
IriDas | outras 248 resenhas | Jun 12, 2024 |


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