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This is a very sad chapter in the Brie series. Since I have not completed it, I truly hope that the ending of this book isn't the end of the character arc for Tono. He is the one character in all the books I have read that I had a hard time accepting as the choice for the heroine in a love triangle.

If you have read this series you know who Tono is, you might have had some misgivings about Brie choosing Sir instead of him. However, after thinking on it, I know that Sir is the right choice. Brie needs more than what the Kinbaku master can offer.

That being said, I was crushed at the end of this book, and crushed at the heartache in it. I am really hoping that there is a happy ending for Tono.

Synopsis in brief:

Brie and Sir travel to Tokyo to lend support to Tono while his father is on his deathbed. This is sad because Tono is broken, Tono's mother is being very difficult and basically Tono has to put up with her being this way. Brie meets up again with Tono's father on his deathbed where he tells her that he regretted telling Tono that she wasn't right for him. This is crushing because if he hadn't made that proclamation back at the collaring ceremony Brie would have chose Tono instead of braving asking Sir to be her master. Tono's father eventually passes and Brie and Sir are there with the family for the funeral ceremonies.

There is less erotic scenes in this book because of the general nature of the story, but there is a scene where Sir and Brie go out with Tono to offer him a bit of a respite from his trying times.

That's how I am going to leave this.
… (mais)
Library_Breeder | 1 outra resenha | Apr 27, 2024 |
Charlotte falls in love with a wedding dress in a second-hand shop. A note is pinned inside, and she is determined to learn more about the romantic author and his bride. Reed never married, but nosy Charlotte maneuvers a way into his life with the help of his devious grandmother.
It's a heart-warming story. I was constantly mystified as to where it was going next. Charlotte got on my nerves a bit, but ultimately it's a lovely story.
N.W.Moors | outras 15 resenhas | Apr 12, 2024 |
“I am enough.”

Once again Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward deliver a heart-warming, smile-inducing, enemies to lover’s workplace romance that turned into an unputdownable read. The first book to keep my interest in more than two weeks. Both characters stole my heart as I navigated their path to love and forever. Both characters completely endearing, each with their very own opposite personalities and yet together, they just worked. Each complemented the other perfectly, they brought out the best in one and other, and each were what the other needed, yet never knew they wanted.

“I think it’s better to spend years treasuring a memory that might hurt sometimes than to never make one at all.”

I loved the meet cute, the circumstances were a novel introduction and out of a true romance book. A circumstance that melted my romance lovers’ heart. Charlotte goes to a boutique to sell her un-used wedding gown and while browsing stumbles upon another that catches her attention. Trying it on, Charlotte notices a blue note stitched into the gown from the groom, and in her romance novel addled brain Charlotte concocts a beautiful love story that she wished was her own. Charlotte ends up exchanging the dress for hers and a little internet stalking later, plus a bottle of wine, Charlotte finds herself face to face with the bridal gown romantic, only he is nothing like what she expected.

“Maybe Stan can work on getting a sensitivity chip installed into your grandson. He seems to be missing one.”

Reed Eastwood was a real estate mogul in the family business, selling properties in the tens of millions and what most would deem living the life. On the outside, he was the consummate professional, and his aloof persona was an impenetrable wall that his family were desperate to crumble. Nobody could get through to Reed, but it seems Charlotte may just be his kryptonite.

The way the couple gets together is undeniably charming. I find both the male and female leads relatable and was so glad I came across this book.
Hate Notes is one you will learn to LOVE hands down.
… (mais)
b00kdarling87 | outras 15 resenhas | Jan 7, 2024 |

This story had me all over the place emotionally. It was super cute and I loved the banter between Charlotte and Reed but it also had some serious moments where my heart hurt for them both but it turns around and heals you up again. I really liked the idea of the lists they both made and how they helped each other accomplish those things. Great read and I loved it.
readonreader | outras 15 resenhas | Jan 5, 2024 |

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