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Joseph Burgo began writing short stories when he was 12 years old, wrote and published his first fantasy novel with Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster) at the age of 23, and then went on to become a clinical psychologist and author of self-help books. His articles and commentary have appeared in major publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, the Washington Post, and USA Today, as well as on sites such as CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Vox, and Glamour. He also contributes regularly to Psychology Today and writes the popular blog After Psychotherapy where he discusses personal growth issues from a psychodynamic perspective.

As a clinician, he has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years, holding licenses as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist. He earned his undergraduate degree at UCLA and his masters and doctorate at California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles. He is also a graduate psychoanalyst and has served as a board member, officer and instructor at a component society of the International Psychoanalytic Association. He continues to practice psychotherapy by Skype with clients around the world.



Relies on an anecdotal style. Was enjoyable and relatable but not a must-read by any means.
charlyk | Nov 15, 2019 |
Heavy handed re-telling of Cinderalla with the psychology behind the events clearly revealed. It's short and interesting.
margaretfield | Jun 3, 2018 |
My original Grim: Dark Fairy Tales audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This audiobook is a retelling of 3 of the most well-known fairy tales of all time - Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel.

The twist in these versions, however, is that the author applies more human psychology to the situation which makes the stories far more believable. He also focused on parts of the stories which were glossed over in the originals, such as why the villains behaved the way they did.

In Cinderella, the story doesn't stop at the moment she's matched up to her glass slipper - Joseph Burgo imagines the quality of life a marriage would bring if it was based on nothing more than a night of dancing and some snazzy footwear. What kind of man would search the kingdom for a woman based on that one night alone? Listen to this story to find out!

Snow White was another excellent retelling, the story begins with the childhood of the evil queen (her mother) and all the events that led up to Snow White being poisoned. The dwarves are real people in this story, not just quaint little miners with no minds of their own, something which I haven't really read in any other version.

Rapunzel was my favourite of all these stories, possibly because it's not a story I was hugely familiar with beyond watching Disney's Tangled, when it came out. This story was particularly dark and covered themes like addiction, self-loathing and general ass hattery.

Stuart Packer didn't rock my world as a narrator, though the production quality was excellent and his accent spot on for these stories - as I was already familiar with the fundamentals of these stories it was quite easy to let my mind wander, I think it would have taken a bit more charisma to keep my head well and truly in the game.

I'm very much into fairy tale retellings and this one was pretty damn good, the only part of the psychological aspects I found a little bit odd was the sexual behaviour being shoehorned into the story - I'm not prudish when it comes to sexual content in books (immature, yes. Prudish, no.) but this seemed a little bit forced into the story to make sure it was in there alongside all the other additions.

If you're interested in fairytales with a twist, give this book a go! Be warned, though, this isn't 'dark' in the sense of 'horror' but more in the sense of 'Cinderella likes to self-harm, so trigger warnings ahoy!

Audiobook was provided for review by the author.
… (mais)
audiobibliophile | Nov 16, 2016 |

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