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Very interesting book on experimental squadrons of Condor Legion.

Book covers two experimental squadrons - fighter and bomber squadron - and their history in terms of operations they were involved in during Spanish Civil War, and plane models they flew on.

These experimental units were used as initial test-beds for new planes (i.e. Bf109, He111, Do17), to gauge the airplane performance and identify the weak spots in designs (especially in case of Ju86).
Some of the airplanes, on the other hand, were intentionally pushed to encourage Franco's government to buy them (He112) since these were not meant to be purchased by German Luftwaffe.

That being said, book is collection of very good of photographs, art and lots of combat logs (airport and personal pilot diaries). Once models these squadrons flew on proved themselves and they became mainstream (so to say) experimental units were disbanded and made parts of other front line squadrons of Condor Legion.

Unfortunately there are no final thoughts on these models, except they performed well or they had some high risk issues (again Ju86). Every chapter just ends with respective experimental squadron being made part of "regular" Condor Legion squads.

Fighter squad is especially lacking details, we do not see any information on performance of Bf109 and He112 versus Republican fighter planes, we are just given reports on engine failures, bad landings and losses incurred this way.

It seems that book was published only for this very specific historical set-piece of interest (testing planes in live war scenarios) while any related information (as I said comparison of planes, performance, plus and minuses when compared against the opposition - you know, reason for experimenting) is expected to be found in some other book, within same series or by same publisher.

Due to this one star off.

With that being said, this is still interesting book about a very important part of development of military technology.

For air warfare enthusiasts recommended.
… (mais)
Zare | May 18, 2024 |
A workmanlike accounting of the topic though it gives just enough information to make one wonder about those Loyalist pilots who went on to serve in Soviet aviation during World War II.
Shrike58 | Dec 16, 2017 |



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