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The Magician's Daughter (2023) 331 cópias
A Radical Act of Free Magic (2021) 146 cópias
Heartless (2024) 3 cópias


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20th century
New Zealand
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New Zealand
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Wellington, New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington (PhD). (English Literature)



Had high hopes of this giving me the same kind of buzz I experienced when reading Jasper Fforde’s brilliantly bonkers and wryly humorous Thursday Next series. Sadly, despite the appealing (if not entirely original) premise of literary characters being read out into life by one, perhaps more, mysteriously gifted individuals - consequently threatening the existence of the real world - this fell short for me.

Pros: fascinating alternative world, filled out pretty well; some exciting story peaks; fun is had with a number of fictional characters, mostly Dickensian or Victorian, many of whom readers would kill to meet.

Cons: unlikeable narrator (his bitter, repetitive and petty carping about his brother rapidly grew very tedious); a few potentially excellent side characters were criminally underused (especially Sherlock Holmes and the mother of the two main characters); there were a number of distracting typos; and the whole thing would have benefited from a good, hard trimming. Often unnecessarily wordy, with strangely flat, even cringe-inducing phrasing; and too often the dialogue just went on and on, round and round in circles, or didn’t ring true.

All in all, I found myself frequently irritated while reading but pressed on because I was interested enough to see what happened in the end. Mostly though, it’s just made me want to read Fforde all over again.
… (mais)
LolaReads | outras 18 resenhas | Dec 26, 2023 |
If you've already read the description, you’ll know that the main character has the ability to bring book characters to life. This book is a non-stop adventure populated by fictional superstars from Victorian literature, who wreak havoc on the lives of Charley and his brother.

The book has it all: fantasy, mystery, family dynamics, sibling rivalry, personal growth, magic, literary analysis, and Five Mr. Darcys! (Don’t worry, they’re not central to the plot.) That’s not to say the plot is convoluted. I found it straightforward, and easy to follow.

While the storyline involving the brothers didn’t resonate with me, and at times felt distracting, the rest of the tale, and getting to the bottom of the mystery, had me completely hooked. If you’re a fan of literature and fantasy, this book is for you.

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staysee | outras 18 resenhas | Oct 29, 2023 |
This was fine. It should have been so much more interesting, but it fell flat for me. I found the prose to be clunky at times and the characters/story just wasn't compelling.
LynnMPK | outras 10 resenhas | Oct 15, 2023 |
Biddy lives on the magical island of Hy-Brasil, where she has been raised by Rowan, a mage who tells her she came to him as the only survivor of a shipwreck, and his rabbit familiar. But now, sixteen years old and longing to experience the outside world, she is coming to realize that there are things that Rowan hasn't told her, and that all of them are in danger.

There's some very familiar fantasy tropes here -- I am beginning to wonder if I maybe haven't seen "magic is disappearing from the world!" one too many times -- but what the novel does with them is good, and its take on the things that magic can do in the world is both interesting and very, well, magical. The plot is decent, and Biddy is a great character, clever and brave, but also completely believable as a teenage girl who doesn't feel herself to be anything extraordinary. Her relationship with Rowan, too, is complicated and interesting, being far from perfect, but strong and loving and rather moving, nonetheless. There are also some undercurrents of social commentary that aren't preachily belabored, but are well-taken.

Basically, it's just a good, solid, well-done fantasy novel.
… (mais)
bragan | outras 10 resenhas | Oct 14, 2023 |



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