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Fran Osseo-Asare, MSW, PhD, (right) is an internationally recognized expert on sub-Saharan African cuisine and Ghanaian cuisine in particular. She is author of several books on African cooking and culture, including A Good Soup Attracts Chairs (Pelican 1993, 2001) and Food, Culture in Sub-Sharan mostrar mais Africa (Greenwood Press, 2005). She resides in State College, PA, Visit her website and blog on Africa culture and cuisine: www.betumi.com Barbara Bata,(left) owner and founder of Flair Catering Services, Ltd., a catering agency and cooking school, was one of the first professionally trained caterers in Ghana. She is considered a national treasure in Ghana and has been showcasing the country and its food to foreign dignitaries and guests for decades. In 2009 her company catered a meal served to President Obama during his state visit to Ghana. mostrar menos

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We are happy to share these reflections⎯both of our lives and on life⎯with each other as we celebrate the new year’s arrival. This book, the simple sharing of fourteen ordinary women from UMC’s family is a reminder that God involves us in His work of creation in many ways. The book includes artwork, poetry, songs, essays, and sermons.
UnivMenno | Mar 10, 2007 |
Food Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa written by our own Fran Osseo-Asare. East African, notably Ethiopian, cuisine is perhaps the most well known in the United States. This volume illuminates West, southern, and Central African cuisine as well to give students and other readers a solid understanding of how the diverse African peoples grow, cook, and eat food and how they celebrate special occasions and ceremonies with special foods. Readers will also learn about African history, religions, and ways of life plus how African and American foodways are related. For example, cooking techniques such as deep frying and ingredients such as peanuts, chili peppers, okra, watermelon, and even cola were introduced to the United States by sub-Sahara Africans who were brought as slaves.… (mais)
UnivMenno | Mar 10, 2007 |
The Akan provert "The good soup comes from the good earth" elegantly sums up Ghana's tradition of cooking with seasonal, local ingredients. With an emphasis on locally caught fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, and legumes, Ghana's cuisine is vibrant, healthful, and eminently appealing. Limited access to wheat and dairy results in a variety of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan options using starches such as plantains, cassava, taro, sweet potatoes and millet, and creamy nut-based soups and sauces. In over 140 recipes, the authors highlight the flavor principles, seasoning techniq¨´s, and basic stocks, with later chapters dedicated to snacks, soups and stewars, protein entrees, beverages, baked goods, and much more. [back cover]… (mais)
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UnivMenno | Jan 14, 2016 |



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