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Gregory Orr has written twelve poetry collections, a memoir, and several books of criticism, most recently A Primer for Poets and Readers of Poetry. The recipient of an Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters as well as fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the mostrar mais National Endowment for the Arts, Orr lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. mostrar menos


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The Best American Essays 2009 (2009) — Contribuinte — 234 cópias, 2 resenhas
The Art of Losing (2010) — Contribuinte — 206 cópias, 21 resenhas
The Best American Poetry 2007 (2007) — Contribuinte — 166 cópias, 1 resenha
The Best American Poetry 2017 (2017) — Contribuinte — 96 cópias, 1 resenha
Gods and Mortals: Modern Poems on Classical Myths (1684) — Contribuinte — 69 cópias, 2 resenhas
The Poets' Grimm: 20th Century Poems from Grimm Fairy Tales (2003) — Contribuinte — 67 cópias, 1 resenha
Brothers: 26 Stories of Love and Rivalry (2009) — Contribuinte — 16 cópias
Of Solitude and Silence (1981) — Contribuinte — 10 cópias
Antaeus No. 23, Autumn 1976 — Contribuinte — 1 exemplar(es)


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Orr, Gregory
Data de nascimento
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Albany, New York, VS
American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award (Literature, 2003)
Pequena biografia
He teaches at the University of Virginia, where he founded the MFA program in writing in 1975, and served from 1978 to 2003 as Poetry Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review. He lives with his wife, the painter Trisha Orr, and their two daughters in Charlottesville, Virginia.



This collection of poetry grew on my through the 200 pages. For the first quarter of them, I was not able to accept the collection as polished. It felt raw and gritty, and then I realized that was exactly what life feels like in the midst of grief. There is still beauty, but it is more difficult to see through tears than it is when the sun is bright.
HippieLunatic | outras 2 resenhas | May 23, 2023 |
This is Gregory Orr's painful memoir of not only the terrible moment when he shot his brother to death in a hunting accident, but the uncharacteristic way he and his family, tight lipped and stoic, dealt with the pain. Only one week after the tragedy the Orr children were back in school as if nothing happened. Gregory was in the seventh grade at this point. When Orr's father uprooted the family and took them to Haiti, Gregory, as an adult, is able to look back at the episode and as delve briefly into Haiti's turbulent political history and conflicting cultures (a mention of Castro and Papa Doc Duvalier) as a perfect comparison to his own family's unsettled time. It is unbelievable, but even more tragedy followed the Orr family after arriving in Haiti. Once in full adulthood, Orr tries to make sense of his past and his responses to all of its shocking heartache. For example - when his mother died, none of her children were invited to the funeral. Father, a man Gregory once worshiped and wanted all to himself, is later described as having "not a nurturing bone in his body." What father gives bottles of amphetamines as going away presents to his son while he carrying on a relationship with a girl barely older than Gregory? All of this sounds like a book unbearable to read. It is not. In the end, Gregory is able to find his way through the maze of mixed emotions and come out with the determination to become an accomplished poet.… (mais)
SeriousGrace | 1 outra resenha | Apr 26, 2021 |
A difficult one to rate. The number is not meaningful in this case. A few years before I started writing my own book, I wrote to Greg Orr, as someone had given me one of his poems and it struck a chord. Kindly, he replied and was encouraging about my writing. Now, having read this memoir, I will contact him again, and, send him my own. Because of the nature of trauma, there are connection points in our two unrelated books. There are many moments and feelings that he described that are oh so familiar.… (mais)
shaundeane | 1 outra resenha | Sep 13, 2020 |
“The heart of Orr’s poetry, now as ever, is the enigmatic image . . . mystical, carnal, reflective, wry.”—San Francisco Review

This book-length sequence of ecstatic, visionary lyrics recalls Rumi in its search for the beloved and its passionate belief in the healing qualities of art and beauty.

Concerning the Book that is the Body of the Beloved is an incantatory celebration of the “Book,” an imaginary and self-gathering anthology of all the lyrics—both poems and songs—ever written. Each poem highlights a distinct aspect of the human condition, and together the poems explore love, loss, restoration, the beauty of the world, the beauty of the beloved, and the mystery of poetry. The purpose and power of the Book is to help us live by reconnecting us to the world and to our emotional lives.… (mais)
PSZC | outras 2 resenhas | May 20, 2019 |



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