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William Noble is the author of 15 books, including Three Rules for Writing a Novel, The Twenty-Eight Biggest Writing Blunders, and Bookbanning in America. His articles have appeared in such magazines as Writer's Digest and Self. He lives in Island Heights, New Jersey. (Bowker Author Biography)

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This book was ok. I found myself disagreeing with some of it though. I think it would be good for people who have no idea how to write dialogue, but if you're been doing it for a while with success, this book doesn't offer anything new.
KatiaMDavis | Dec 19, 2017 |
There is some useful material in this book, but it takes a lot of digging around to find it. I'm not sure who this book is aimed at. It seems to be 70% analysis of literature with examples, combined with a general theme of how many different ways show and tell can appear in fiction. The focus seems to wander around. A more concise and specific book would have been better for me, but maybe I'm not the target market.
peterjameswest | Nov 21, 2014 |
A very bad book offering the most appalling advice to budding writers. One gets the impression that the author has summarized every cliche about writing ever uttered without really knowing how to write a halfway decent book. One will not learn how to be a good writer from reading this book. Most of the pitfalls that it warms of are the very things that give writing color and make it interesting.
Farringdon | outras 2 resenhas | Dec 9, 2009 |
If you are a writer, this is a book worth having. It is clear, concise, and it helps that there’s a large amount of humor throughout the text. I’ve read a few books on the writing/editing process recently, and this one is by far the best of the lot. I got the book from my local Library, so I’ve gone to the extreme measure of typing out the Table of Contents to refer back to until I am find a copy in a used bookstore. As it was published in 1992, I doubt that I’ll find it in any ‘big box’ store. I could relate to the examples the author gave, and am ever so grateful that they were short – unlike another book I reviewed recently, where an illustration went on for 12 pages and lost its relevance to the point the author was trying to make. Mr. Noble didn’t do that. He provided everything in clear prose, and did it all in 116 pages. What more could one ask for?… (mais)
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WholeHouseLibrary | outras 2 resenhas | Aug 10, 2009 |

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