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At Any Cost (2012) 39 cópias, 2 resenhas
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3.5 stars (some sites require a whole number for rating so rating may vary).

It's never explained why Molly and Jenna hired Killian if Beau was their first choice of carpenter/remodeler--other than it does provide one more person as a suspect who might want to damage the B&B.

I'm not quite sure how Jenna comes to buy Molly's B&B. It appears Jenna's dad knew Molly in the past, but I'm not sure why Jenna would have fled to her.

It takes a while for us to find out what happened between Jenna and Courtland.

I suspected who was behind it from the way things were done.

It seems that Beau has loved Jenna since he was a teen but after overhearing her father tell Molly some things, Beau decided not to pursue any relationship with her back then--and presumably they left for Michigan at some point and lost track of each other. That past relationship mitigates a bit the fast pace at which their romance progresses in this novel.
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JenniferRobb | 1 outra resenha | Mar 10, 2019 |
Title: At Any Cost (Love Inspired Suspense)
Author: Lauren Nichols
Pages: 288
Year: 2012
Publisher: Love Inspired
This is a very riveting, tense-filled story about Jenna Harper who fears her past is once again encroaching upon her present. Jenna now runs a B & B with her aunt whom she holds dear. While renovating the home, Jenna meets Beau who brings an uncanny sense of security when he is working. Both Jenna and Beau knew each other years ago. Living in a small town, the gossip mill constantly cranks out stories whether true or not.
Jenna’s character is a faith-filled woman who treasures family and her two girlfriends she has known since they were kids. After surviving a vicious attack in the past, it takes lots of work not to let her imagination run wild. I really enjoyed Jenna’s aunt in the story as this elderly woman is compassionate, a prayer warrior and dresses up in Victorian dresses, which is the same era in which the home was built. Jenna gathers a lot of strength and compassion from this elderly woman. Both Jenna and Beau have their hearts guarded from being hurt due to their past dating encounters. I loved the story being centered on Jenna and the tension that is very palpable all the way through the book. A great tale to curl up with and enjoy with your favorite hot drink!
My rating is 5 stars.
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lamb521 | 1 outra resenha | Mar 6, 2015 |


½ 3.3

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