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Sisters of the Snake (2021) 252 cópias, 9 resenhas
Daughters of the Dawn (2022) 17 cópias


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Y'all! I found a fantasy that I devoured within hours and cannot wait for the sequel of!!

Sisters of the Snake is the story of a pair of twin princesses seperated at birth with one being sent to an orphanage and another staying back at the palace.

Their lives collide when they meet one fateful night and realise that they are twins. They belong to a magical realm on the verge of a war. They decide to switch places in order to achieve their goals and end up finding out more about themselves.

The book is extremely fast paced where the 500 odd pages felt like nothing at all. There is nowhere in the book that I felt like I need to take a break or that it's getting boring.

Fuelled with magic, just the right amount of romance (I can't handle too much of it), journey filled with self discovery and fascinating revelations of hidden worlds, I am praying that Rajamouli garu picks this up and makes a movie out of it.

Also, it has SNAKES! I love snakes! The book had a brilliant representing of these often misunderstood reptiles. I love the Nanua sisters for this.

The ending was wholesome inspite of it having a cliffhanger. The acknowledgements were heartfelt. The book had a very bollywood drama-esque vibe to it and I'm all for it.

I couldn't stop imagining the characters in a vintage layout. I also desperately wanted to see an animated version of it at times. So much can be done with the story. I cannot wait for the sequel to be out.

The book does not exactly represent or give any 'Desi-vibes' except for the names of the characters and the dramatic scenes. But nevertheless, it is inclusive.

Thank you After School Tales and HarperCollins India for the copy. #litwithYA
… (mais)
AnrMarri | outras 8 resenhas | Aug 1, 2023 |
SYNC: Displaying an impressive array of vocal ability, Golden Voice narrator Soneela Nankani does double duty breathing life into the characters Rani and Ria. They are a princess and an orphan who, due to their identical appearance, swap places to save their home from war. Rani's tone is imperious and decisive, while Ria's is softer and more timid. Nankani's spicy inflections of Indian words and names throughout the book immerse the listener in a dangerous, sumptuous world. Particularly enjoyable is the character of Shima, Princess Rani's snake familiar, who quietly hisses equal amounts of wisdom and criticism to her mistress. As the unlikely duo walk the knife-edge of their perilous circumstances, Nankani guides listeners through this sinuous story with all the grace and majesty of a cobra.… (mais)
Gmomaj | outras 8 resenhas | Jul 21, 2022 |
You need competent characters to pull off this sort of story. These characters are not competent. Neither are their authors. I gave up 190 pages in, despite an interesting world and compelling magic.
slimikin | outras 8 resenhas | Mar 27, 2022 |
For me this was a good book with a great story that would have benefited greatly from a bit more editing. It just needed to be polished slightly more and it would have been a five star read for me.
KateKat11 | outras 8 resenhas | Sep 24, 2021 |


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