Jason Myers (desambiguação)

"Jason Myers" é composto por pelo menos 2 autores distintos, separados pelas suas obras.

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Jason Myers (1)

Exit Here. (2007) 245 cópias
The Mission (2009) 65 cópias
Dead End (2011) 48 cópias
Run the Game (2012) 43 cópias
Blazed (2014) 33 cópias

Jason Myers (desconhecido)

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1) Myers, Jason, 1980-, Exit Here
2) Jason works at Cisco as a Software Engineer working on OpenStack. Prior to switching to development a few years ago, he spent several years as a systems architect and building data centers and cloud architectures for several of the largest tech companies, hospitals, stadiums, and telecomm providers. He's a passionate developer who regularly speaks at local and national events about technology.