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Ashfall (2011) 1,197 cópias
Ashen Winter (2012) 446 cópias
Sunrise (2014) 293 cópias
Surface Tension (2018) 38 cópias
Blades of Spring 5 cópias
Domestication (2011) 1 exemplar(es)
Fish Story 1 exemplar(es)


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Mullin, Michael James
Locais de residência
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Indiana University
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Mike Mullin first discovered he could make money writing in sixth grade. His teacher, Mrs. Brannon, occasionally paid students for using unusual words. Mike’s first sale as a writer earned 10 cents for one word: tenacious.

Since then, Mike has always been involved with literature. One of his early jobs was shelving books at Central Library in Indianapolis. Later, he paid his way through graduate school in part by serving as a reference assistant for Indiana University's library. Mike has worked in his mother’s business, Kids Ink Children’s Bookstore, for more than twenty years, serving at various times as a store manager, buyer, school and library salesperson, and marketing consultant.

Mike wrote his first novel in elementary school—Captain Poopy’s Sewer Adventures. He’s been writing more or less non-stop ever since, but fortunately for his readers, Ashfall will be his first published novel.
Mike holds a black belt in Songahm Taekwondo. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife and her three cats.



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booklover3258 | outras 61 resenhas | Dec 4, 2023 |
Possible spoilers for book 1 in the series: 16-year old Alex and Darla have been living with Alex’s uncle and his family (and Alex’s sister) for a while now, after he found them after the volcano left the MidWest covered in ash and in seemingly perpetual winter. But, where are Alex’s parents? Despite the dangers, Alex insists on heading out to find his parents, and Darla won’t let him go alone. And it is dangerous with people out there hunting other people (to eat, to sell…).

I really liked this. It got going quickly, and kept up the pace throughout. I liked the two new characters, Alyssa and Ben.
… (mais)
LibraryCin | outras 61 resenhas | Mar 30, 2023 |
Muchos no saben que las aguas termales y los géiseres de Yellowstone se deben a un supervolcán, tan grande que su cráter sólo puede ser visto desde un avión o un satélite. Ha entrado en erupción tres veces en los últimos dos millones de años y cuando lo haga de nuevo, la Tierra cambiará para siempre. Cuando Yellowstone estalla, Alex está sólo en casa; sus padres y su hermana se han marchado a visitar a unos familiares. El pueblo donde vive se transforma en una pesadilla: la ceniza volcánica le impide respirar, la comida escasea, y no hay nadie que lo ayude. Decide ir en busca de su familia, pero la gruesa capa de ceniza lo invade todo y difi culta su camino. Un convicto se le une en la travesía, pero fi nalmente lo ataca y lo hiere. Alex teme que su viaje ha acabado, hasta que Darla lo encuentra y le ayuda. Juntos lucharán por lo imposible: sobrevivir al supervolcán.… (mais)
Natt90 | outras 144 resenhas | Mar 29, 2023 |
When the Yellowstone Super volcano exploded, the world as Alex knew it died. Society broke down and he witnessed that first hand as he trekked from Iowa to Illinois in search of his family. With the help of Darla, who saved his life on numerous occasions, he made it to his uncle's house, only to discover that his mother and father had left to look for him!! Talk about frustrating!

Originally Alex thought the best thing to do was stay put, but when a bandit turns up with a gun that his father was carrying, he knows he's got to go help. So Darla and Alex set off into danger once again....

My Thoughts:
This book definitely captures the same type of feeling that [b:Ashfall|9644151|Ashfall (Ashfall, #1)|Mike Mullin|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1301592315s/9644151.jpg|14531613] had. It's a very intense go, go, go, action-ey type book. It's still really interesting to read how society would break down after a huge Earth-changing disaster. And it's really sad. My heart broke time and time again at all the evil that this disaster brings out of people... and it smiled at all the little moments of humanity that shone through.

So did I like this book as much as the first one? No. Definitely not. This book had a lot more frustrating moments in it. Moments where I felt the characters were uselessly risking their lives. Alex especially was constantly making risky decisions. Darla even mentioned killing him herself before someone else did, and I couldn't help but feeling like she read my mind. He just kept risking their lives so frivolously that I wouldn't have blamed her if she did. In the face of a disaster, you really can't afford to stop and help every single person who needs it. If you do, you're going to wind up dead one of those times.

When the parents do show up in this book, I was not feeling them. The mom was trying to baby Alex who clearly has been through so much that he is definitely not a kid anymore. She annoyed me. The other thing was the priorities! Alex's priority was supposed to be to find his parents. Going away from that priority was how he ended up losing Darla. Then he finds the parents, only to find that their priority is to help a bunch of refugees in a camp rather than to reunite their family. Ummm hello??? But I did like that they didn't end up being the same people Alex remembered from before the disaster. It is a theme of this series- hard times makes people do things they never thought that they would do.... little by little it becomes easier, until they don't even recognize themselves anymore.

Not to spoil anything here, but Darla isn't in the book as much this time and I desperately missed her!! She's the brain of the Alex/Darla operation. When she's around I feel like they will be safe because she knows what she's doing. Alex is too impulsive and frankly just doesn't have as many survival skills as she does. So basically I spent most of this book on edge and annoyed at Alex's ineptness.

So it seems like I just did a lot of complaining, and I really didn't mean to. This series is excellent so far. When I was reading these books, surviving chaos was all I could think about. I literally was looking at my cupboards calculating how long that food would last me and wondering how long it would be before looters would be trying to break down my door. I honestly cannot wait to see what happens in Sunrise. It's killing me to know how everyone is going to live in this crazy crazy world. Oh yeah and if Yellowstone ever blows, I hope I'm just killed instantly because I've come to the realization that I won't cut it in a world of cannibals. No thanks!!

Quote that summed up the book for me: "The disaster had warped the landscape of our minds- perhaps even more than it had altered the physical landscape."

OVERALL: An intense follow-up to Ashfall. Darla and Alex are back and are now on a mission to bring his parents back to his uncle's farm... except nothing goes as planned in this volcanic world that you can't plan for. I loved reading this book, but realized that I don't like Alex near as much unless Darla is around!! If you haven't read Ashfall, you really should do it!! It's a hell of a ride!

My Blog:

… (mais)
Michelle_PPDB | outras 61 resenhas | Mar 18, 2023 |



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