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I am not sure how reliable these stories are, so although I enjoyed some of the essays I was not sure I could believe all the info. It was very Australia focussed, and needed to look at the rest of the world.
RichardMansfield | Mar 15, 2020 |
Moore has produced a well written and interesting history of the development of Australia's version of the English language.Included a Word Index and extensive end notes. Highly recommended for anyone planning an extended stay in Australia . . . and for Australians, as well.
bookcrazed | Aug 14, 2018 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
This is basically a collection of recipes given by a number of metal bands – big names (Guns N’ Roses, Poison), bands I’d never heard of, and everything in-between. The book’s format is simple and effective : a paragraph introducing the band and its style of music, with links to their website, myspace and facebook page, and then, the band’s recipe(s).

In the e-book version, the hyperlinks are quite cleverly done. The book starts with two clickable tables of contents that take you directly to each band’s section, or to a recipe. The recipe list is ordered by type of food: Breakfast, Sauces, Main Dishes (with Fish, Burgers (!), Chicken, Meat and Vegetarian subsections), Dessert, etc. There is a wide range of recipes, which I’d classify into 4 different categories (with some overlap): 1) comedy dishes (beer, beer and more beer), 2) recipes for non-cooks (most burger recipes, dishes of the “boil pasta, add ready-made sauce and a handful of olives” type), 3) recipes that require a modicum of motivation/skill, and 4) “cheffy” recipes (anything from Mary and the Black Lamb). Most are in categories 2) and 3).

This book is good for a laugh and is – I think – an effective promoting tool for bands. Its introductions had all the right info and were really good at getting me to check out the music, which is easily done via the links provided. In a number of cases, I was a lot more curious about the bands’ music than about their cuisine, which truth be told, didn’t always sound appealing! Unsurprisingly, this is a book for metalheads rather than for foodies.
… (mais)
Dilara86 | outras 4 resenhas | Aug 19, 2013 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
About five minutes into reading this, I had an "of course!" moment, when I put together the title with the content of the book.
Clearly, I didn't know what I was getting into when I applied for this book through the Early Reviewers program.
Despite my ignorance, I enjoyed reading "For Those About To Cook".
I enjoy cooking, and have been known to waste too much time watching the Cooking Channel, MKR and MasterChef. And here I have a collection of tried and true recipes with real person/celebrity heritage.
As well as interesting recipes, "For Those About To Cook" gives a interesting insight into the backgrounds and lives of many metal bands, most of whom were completely new to me. To be honest, metal is not my music of choice, but I have made a point of seeking out online many of the bands in the book, and sampling their music.
I'd like to get my hands on a copy of the physical book, to see the many photos of the bands off-stage and in the kitchen.
I found "For Those About To Cook" a surprisingly interesting colelction of metal band backgrounds and recipes.
Finally, let me say this collection of recipes is far superior to the WWE recipe book I came across some years ago (don't ask). ButI must ask Bruce, "Why are there no recipes from Devolved?"
… (mais)
buttsy1 | outras 4 resenhas | Apr 27, 2013 |


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