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Leslie Meier was born in 1948;. She is the author of the popular Lucy Stone Mystery Series. The books take place in Cape Cod and the heroine, Lucy Stone, is a reporter in a fictional town. The books in this series include: Mail Order Murder, Christmas Cookie Murder, Turkey Day Murder, Wicked Witch mostrar mais Murder, and Chocolate Covered Murder. There are currently 24 titles in the series, Turkey Trot Murder being the most recent (2017) (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Obras de Leslie Meier

Candy Cane Murder [anthology 3-in-1] (2007) — Contribuinte — 752 cópias
Gingerbread Cookie Murder (2010) 549 cópias
Mistletoe Murder (1991) 458 cópias
Bake Sale Murder (2006) 364 cópias
Trick or Treat Murder (1996) 319 cópias
Tippy Toe Murder (1994) 272 cópias
Christmas Cookie Murder (1999) 268 cópias
Valentine Murder (1999) 256 cópias
Back to School Murder (1997) 252 cópias
Father's Day Murder (2003) 252 cópias
New Year's Eve Murder (2005) 248 cópias
Wicked Witch Murder (2010) 248 cópias
Turkey Day Murder (2000) 239 cópias
St. Patrick's Day Murder (2008) 227 cópias
Wedding Day Murder (2001) 224 cópias
Birthday Party Murder (2002) 224 cópias
Star Spangled Murder (2004) 192 cópias
English Tea Murder (2011) 187 cópias
Mother's Day Murder (2009) 171 cópias
Chocolate Covered Murder (2012) 157 cópias
Easter Bunny Murder (2013) 157 cópias
Christmas Carol Murder (2013) 138 cópias
Candy Corn Murder (2015) 134 cópias
French Pastry Murder (2014) 123 cópias
British Manor Murder (2016) 115 cópias
Eggnog Murder (2016) — Contribuinte — 90 cópias
Christmas Sweets (2006) 88 cópias
Turkey Trot Murder (2017) 84 cópias
Silver Anniversary Murder (2018) 76 cópias
Haunted House Murder (2019) — Contribuinte — 75 cópias
Invitation Only Murder (2019) 59 cópias
Irish Parade Murder (2021) 57 cópias
Christmas Card Murder (2020) 54 cópias
Easter Bonnet Murder (2022) 47 cópias
Halloween Party Murder (2021) 34 cópias
Halloween Murder (2-in-1) (2018) 30 cópias
Irish Coffee Murder (2023) 28 cópias
Holiday Murder (2-in-1) (2017) 23 cópias
British Murder (2011) 23 cópias
Joanne Fluke Christmas Bundle (4-in-1) (2011) — Contribuinte — 22 cópias
Valentine Candy Murder (2018) 22 cópias
'Tis the Season Murder (2019) 14 cópias
Gobble, Gobble Murder (2020) 12 cópias
Easter Basket Murder (2024) 5 cópias
The Christmas Thief (2023) 2 cópias
Mail Over Murder 1 exemplar(es)
Cup Cake Murder 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

A Winter Wonderland (2012) — Contribuinte — 109 cópias
Mystery Cats 3: More Feline Felonies (1995) — Contribuinte — 49 cópias


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BooksInMirror | outras 12 resenhas | Feb 19, 2024 |
Lucy travels to a remote island owned by a billionaire. She is planning to write a feature story about his life style. No electricity, no phones of any kind, no electronic devices, and no connection to the mainland except by scheduled ferry runs or the couple of boats kept by the owner. Living on the island is the billionaire, his wife, two sets of twins - the older set are girls by his first wife and the second set are much younger boys by his current wife - and a few assorted household staff and workers. It’s not long before Lucy discovers the body of one of girls, dead from a fall from a seaside cliff. And then, things really get bad. Lucy is caught up in a deadly game, and she will have to use all her wits with a large dose of luck to stay alive. It’s an exciting tale, and much darker than the usual problems Lucy deals with. Quite well written, it was thrilling to see Lucy in action to save herself while she convinced others where the real danger lay.… (mais)
Maydacat | outras 4 resenhas | Feb 2, 2024 |
Elizabeth’s wedding day is fast approaching, and the whole Stone family has traveled to France to witness this momentous occasion. Her son and his family were reluctant to make the trip, but Lucy convinced him that it would not be the same without the whole family there, and that it would be a great experience for his son. Unfortunately, things go awry. A body of a young woman is found in a moat on the groom’s family’s property, and then things go from bad to worse. This is an interesting departure from the normal novels in the series. Lucy cannot investigate the crime like she could at home, but she still manages to nose around. This story is more about the lives of the characters and less about the crimes and murder, and for me, it is really more interesting. I enjoy reading about Lucy and her family. It was nice to see the sisters being a bit snarky with each other, and to see Toby’s son some acting out like a normal kid. He was not going to eat snails! They seemed like real people having a not-so-great time being forced to be together when they would rather just be home. There are some tense moments in this cozy, but all’s well that ends well, and this one does.… (mais)
Maydacat | outras 3 resenhas | Feb 1, 2024 |
These three novellas will certainly put readers in a mood for Irish coffee! In the first tale, Lucy gets a look behind the scenes at what goes on in Irish step dancing competitions. It’s not a pretty sight, and it culminates in a murder. In the second novella, a local comedian on the rise to the big time comes home for a performance. His show is a hit, but it doesn’t end well for him. In the last tale, a power outage leads the habitants of the neighborhood to gather together for food and drink. Soon, some of the old timers are regaling the gathering with their versions of a ghost story and a murder. Yes, it will take some sleuthing to finally lay that ghost to rest. These stories are all well written and quite intriguing. Regular readers of these series will especially like seeing the characters they have come to enjoy and will appreciate this fine addition to the series.… (mais)
Maydacat | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 31, 2024 |


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