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The Ruin (2018) 936 cópias
The Scholar (2019) 511 cópias
The Murder Rule (2022) 362 cópias
The Good Turn (2020) 299 cópias
The Sisters (2019) 173 cópias
What Happened to Nina? (2024) 118 cópias
The Roommate (2020) 94 cópias
The Wrong One (2022) 33 cópias
The Fireground (2023) 10 cópias


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Data de nascimento
c. 1977
Local de nascimento
County Cork, Ireland
Locais de residência
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Galway, Ireland
University College Galway
Pequena biografia
Dervla spent twelve years working as a lawyer. Following the global financial crisis, she moved to Australia and turned her hand to writing. An avid fan of crime and detective novels from childhood, Dervla wrote a short story, The Room Mate which was shortlisted for the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Competition.



An engaging debut police procedural crime novel by Irish author Dervla McTiernan. Dervla grew up in Ireland and worked there as a solicitor before moving to Australia and beginning a career as an author.

This story features detective Cormac Reilly who moves to Galway to support his partner Emma’s career opportunity as a medical researcher there. Galway feels like a demotion after his high profile job in Dublin, and Reilly is forced to contend with the small town politics of his new station as he is consigned to dealing with cold cases. He finds himself investigating the death of alcoholic single-mother Hilaria Blake, who 20 years earlier was found in her house dead with a needle in her arm, leaving behind her teenage daughter Maud and a much beaten and neglected 5 year old son Jack. Ironically, Reilly himself was the investigating officer twenty years prior, as a newbie cop, out of his depth, and uncertain what to do with the two children the welfare system had so clearly failed. Suddenly he is looking at the case with fresh eyes and trying to work out how the adult Jack has wound up dead in an apparent suicide in which not all the ends tie up. The story shifts between Cormac’s somewhat bumbling attempts to solve the crimes and Jack’s grieving girlfriend, trainee surgeon Aishling Conway. Aishling has just met Jack’s long lost sister Maude who is convinced his death is not a suicide and is determined to either provoke the police into action or solve the crime herself, until she suddenly becomes a suspect. There is also the added angle of trying to work out what is going on at the cop shop between undercover narcotics Garde Danny McIntyre, domestic violence officer Carrie Ryan and the team of largely chauvinistic work-avoidant superiors. An interesting story. There may have been a little too much going on, with another cold case being worked on simultaneously which seemed to me just an unnecessary distraction. The audiobook narration by Aoife McMahon was lovely, with the usual exception that non-Australians can never get an Aussie accent right. An engaging read.… (mais)
mimbza | outras 57 resenhas | Jun 1, 2024 |
Not Dervka's usual but a story with parental feelings and reactions.
The timing of the plot was well planed ie the initial character introduction was becoming boring then wamo the victim is introduced. The plot just rolls out from there, well done.
BryceV | outras 14 resenhas | May 31, 2024 |
2.5 stars and rounded up because it entertained me as I cleaned the house.
I told the plot to my mother who is a barrister, and she had a good laugh at all the things the sisters did with no repercussions including Aifric allowing Carrie to read the court notes. She said in the real world at worst Aifric would be struck off and at best have a disciplinary action put against her.
ChariseH | outras 16 resenhas | May 25, 2024 |



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