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After the Armistice Ball (2005) 290 cópias
Quiet Neighbours (2016) 163 cópias
The Burry Man's Day (2006) 148 cópias
The Child Garden (2015) 126 cópias
Bury Her Deep (2007) 106 cópias
The Day She Died (2014) 95 cópias
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The Weight of Angels (2017) 60 cópias
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Come to Harm (2014) 34 cópias
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A Step So Grave (2018) 32 cópias
In Place of Fear (2022) 29 cópias
Growing Up Again (2007) 29 cópias
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The Mirror Dance (2021) 21 cópias
Scot Mist (2022) 16 cópias
Scot on the Rocks (2020) 12 cópias
Straight Up (2008) 8 cópias
Hop Scot (2023) 6 cópias
A Gingerbread House (2021) 5 cópias
Scot in a Trap (2022) 3 cópias
Go to My Grave 1 exemplar(es)

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In this 6th title in the Last Ditch Mysteries, the whole gang goes to Scotland for Christmas. Lexy, a therapist and part time PI, is the only Scot, and is completely surprised by what her parents have been up to since she last visited home. The discovery of a body on the premises adds extra work, tension and humor to the holidays.
By the end of the read, I was having a great time. Who doesn’t love an old Scottish manor house at the holidays in a hamlet named Yule? There is a lot of humor, and the main characters seemed likable without being over the top. Plus, I really liked the old solicitor that they befriended. The mystery is twisty, with red herrings, but solvable with the clues.
This is the first title I have read by Catriona McPherson, and it took me quite a while to really get into her writing style. She tends to have the characters have a whole conversation before revealing the subject of the conversation. It’s a little hard to follow along. Added to not knowing the characters and their history (my fault for not starting at the beginning of the series), and some of the Scottish slang, I had to work harder to enjoy this title.
I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series, but I think this is a fun title for the holidays.
Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for the e-ARC. The opinions in the review are my own.
… (mais)
kcaroth1 | Oct 9, 2023 |
In this book of the series (which I haven't read), Dandy Gilver and her partner, Alec Osborne, travel to a remote, small fishing village in the wilds of Scotland to further investigate body parts found in barrels of herring. At least I think that's what they are investigating; people are too polite to be specific. The pair say that they are philologists studying the phraseology of the locals, who are surprisingly friendly and invite them to participate in the forthcoming weddings and the strange rituals that accompany them; they are asked to be the worst maid and worst man for one couple. The traditions of the people in the village are the ultimate cause of the body parts in the barrels. A related mystery was strange. The consistently awful weather was an important part of the story. I nearly stopped reading the book because it was so hard to understand what people were saying, but the ending was poignant enough that I'm glad I finished it.… (mais)
raizel | 1 outra resenha | Aug 25, 2023 |
I hadn't read anything by Catriona McPherson, and as a standalone, this sounded like a good introduction to her. Unfortunately, I was never able to get into this story. It's solidly researched historical fiction but never seemed to hit a groove with me. I'm not giving on McPherson, however, and will try one of her other books.

If you like historical mysteries, particularly those in the post-WW2 era, you should give this a try.

Thanks to Hachette Book Group for providing access to a digital ARC on NetGalley.… (mais)
Spencer28 | outras 4 resenhas | Jul 24, 2023 |
I did not like her previous book something fierce so was hesitant to try this one but decided to give it another go. I shouldn't have. Everything I did not like about the other book was in this one: overly complicated, convoluted sentences that rendered entire passages incomprehensible and all snark. And it's not just the MC. It was everybody in this book! It grew tiresome fast. Akin to being in the same room with a bunch of obnoxious teens thinking they're all that.

But, at least this time around the mystery was somewhat intriguing and the story didn't drag it being only 228 pages but still it took me a week to finish because I kept putting it down. Maybe I just don't like the author's writing style. YMMV.… (mais)
Manhattanite | Jun 2, 2023 |



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