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Anne McCaffrey was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on April 1, 1926. She received a degree in Slavonic languages from Radcliffe College. She worked in advertising for Helena Rubenstein from 1947 to 1952. Her first publication was a short story in Science Fiction Magazine, and her first novel, mostrar mais Restoree, was published in 1967. She is a well-known author of over 100 books, mostly science fiction, including the Dragonriders of Pern series, the Crystal Singer series, Acorna's Children series, The Twins of Petaybee series, and Barque Cats series. She won numerous awards including the Hugo Award for Best Novella for the short story Weyr Search in 1968 and the Nebula Award for Best Novella for Dragonrider in 1969. In 2006, she was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. She has also written books under the pseudonym Jody Lynn. She died of a stroke on November 21, 2011 at the age of 85. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Het verhaal krijgt van mij de volle vijf sterren, maar het taalgebruik in het boek is dermate abominabel dat ik er een ster vanaf trek. F'lar gedraagt zich als een kleuter, en hij moet leren met z'n handen van Lessa af te blijven. Als ik nog een keer lees dat "F'lar Lessa door elkaar schudde", dan krijg ik een beroerte. Ik ga nu deel twee in het engels lezen, en hopen dat het in de originele taal wat beter loopt.
jd7h | outras 173 resenhas | Feb 18, 2024 |
I'm revisiting the Pern novels via audiobook after something like...20 years or more since the last time I read one. Dragonflight was originally published in 1968, assembled from shorter installments which were published in science fiction circulars starting in 1967. So that places us firmly within second wave feminism. This era OF COURSE had some major blind spots, which now as a fully grown adult living in 2024, blare at me with neon lights. So re-reading this book, I'm getting tonal and emotional whiplash between deep love/nostalgia and cringing realization that some elements have aged pretty badly.
So. Reader beware. I do believe there is more good than bad in this book, and as McCaffrey's work matured into the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and then finally the very earliest of the 00s, it of course changed, and I wonder how she might have reshaped some of her earlier works if able to do so with a more modern lens.

Anyway, the good: The world building in this series, begun in this book, is astounding, and in my opinion on par with the greatest of the greats. The setting is a world, Pern, that has descended into feudalism from the technological advancement of its original interstellar colonists due to thousands of years of having to survive an unexpected ecological disaster. (This being a deadly organism, "Thread," falling from the sky which devours all organic material and originates from an erratically orbiting rogue planet in Pern's solar system). The series thus embarks upon this feudal world rediscovering it's ancestors' technology and egalitarian culture. The plot is appropriately high stakes and gripping, as well. Due to unstable orbits and celestial mechanics, the world has had a hundreds of years-long reprieve from Thread, and most of Pern believes it will never return. There are some truly thrilling moments as the protagonists attempt to prepare for the return of disaster, convince others it is going to happen, and save the world.

The kinda bad: It all starts with F'lar and Lessa, two people brought together by chance and fate, who may not LIKE each other particularly much, but admire each other deeply and have a shared goal of bringing Pern out of the dark age into which it has descended. Unfortunately their relationship is one that, had McCaffrey been writing it in the 90s instead of the 60s, might have been easier to read, at least in this first book. F'lar repeatedly demonstrates that he finds Lessa "incredible" "intelligent," "remarkable," etc, but he's also a bit of a classic 1960s male character in that every time he's frustrated by her, he shakes her, in a rather genre-y, sign-of-the-times sort of way. Later in the book, he literally shakes her once in anger, and then within the same page, shakes her in love and affection. Much has also been made of the sexual relationship in Dragonflight and whether it is assault. Did McCaffrey intend to write a rape? No, I seriously doubt it. It's just that taken through the lens of what we as a culture now understand with regards to consent, it feels wrong. Having read all of the novels, one realizes that the problem is systemic - McCaffrey evidently wanted a fun, sciencey way to make her sex scenes unique, by making them influenced by the psychic link with the dragons that causes the humans to wish to mate when the dragons do. So how do we square that with true consent? How can any human truly consent when they are completely subsumed within the mating lust of their psychically bonded dragon? In that respect, literally every dragon rider is stripped of their ability to consent and the real problem with Dragonflight is basically that literally no one told Lessa about it beforehand so she ends up reading as "confused and surprised" when it's all happening. If a TV series or movie option ever gets off the ground, this needs to be handled or altered in some way that doesn't feel terrible, but I don't know what the solution is.

The ALSO VERY GOOD: THE DRAGONS. The dragons are the consistent voices of reason and the emotional anchors that keep the humans from becoming at times irredeemable. Whenever F'lar is being unfair, his dragon Mnementh is the one telling him he's wrong. Pernese dragons are the platonic ideal for human-dragon bonding and set the template for all the future variations thereof in fiction.
All in all...I love this book despite its problems, though l do prefer later books in the series, as both McCaffrey's writing and worldview matured. It's feminist writing by an author who was living the era and subject to the tropes of the time.
… (mais)
thelorelei | outras 173 resenhas | Feb 14, 2024 |
This space opera followup to Sassinak show's Elizabeth Moon's hand in its similarity to her other space opera series. Solid entertainment with perhaps too many points of view, still considering what effect differing rates of aging, as a result of coldsleep, has on people, relationships and society. This does seem to be the end of the Planet Pirates series. There's some deep backstory for the heavyworlders here, also.
bunnyjadwiga | outras 7 resenhas | Feb 13, 2024 |
In my quest to read every book I own, I picked this one up that has been in a TBR pile since I was a kid. I had high hopes for it. Those hopes did not hold up.

Killashandra is an unlikable protagonist. She is arrogant and conceited, which can work for characters, but she's also a hypocrite. She constantly judged another female character for certain thoughts and actions while having those thoughts and wanting to do those same things. Also, I recognize that this story was written in the 1980s, but I got 20% of the way through the book and realized that Killashandra had not had any shown conversations with another named female character, which was very jarring.

Killashandra was a bit of a Mary Sue, a comment I hate to make but fits exceptionally well in this case.
… (mais)
BarnesBookshelf | outras 45 resenhas | Jan 31, 2024 |



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Bonnie Dalzell Cover artist, Illustrator
Pat Bottino Narrator
John Cygan Narrator
Michael Whelan Cover artist
Les Edwards Cover artist
Steve Weston Cover artist
Rowena Morrill Cover artist
Simone Hilling Translator
Romas Kukalis Cover artist
Mark Harrison Cover artist
Dick Hill Narrator
Stephen Hickman Cover artist
Karin Langeveld Translator
Edmund Ross Author photo
John Ennis Cover artist, Illustrator
Fred Marcellino Cover artist
Greg Call Cover artist
Sally Darling Narrator
Ann Gold Designer, Text design
Peter Elson Cover artist
Gino D'Achille Cover artist
José Ma Aroca Translator
Magnus Eriksson Translator
David Stevenson Cover designer
Darrell K. Sweet Cover artist
Mike Stromberg Cover designer
Gordon R. Dickson Introduction
Bruce Jensen Cover artist
Darrin Ehardt Cover designer
Scott M. Fischer Cover artist
Chris Hawley Author photo, Co-author photo
Greg Hildebrandt Cover artist
Tim Hildebrandt Cover artist
Michael Herring Cover artist
Tony DiTerlizzi Cover artist
Bruce Pennington Cover artist
Eric Rondeaux Translator
Liisi Ojamaa TÕlkija.
Tiina Reinsalu Kujundaja.
David Roe Cover artist
Didier Thimonier Cover designer
Laura Lydecker Cover artist
Sari Karhulahti Translator
Linda Uustalu Toimetaja.
Katalin Orosz Translator
Emma Gábor Translator
Balázs Béri Translator
Yaʻel Selaʻ Translator
Chris Achilleos Cover artist
Rafał Chodasz Translator
Sheila Hart Narrator
Mel Foster Narrator
Pat Morrissey Cover artist, Illustrator
Brom Cover artist
Min Choi Cover designer
Ron Dilg Cover artist
Richard Aquan Cover designer
Wendy Glasser Afterword
Barbara Ostrop Translator
Keith Parkinson Cover artist
Michael Viner Executive producer
Marc Graue Produceer
Kim Weeks Production coordinator
Emilie Brooks Abridger
John Arvan Cover artist
Alstrom/Peña Design Cover designer
Eric Peterson Cover artist
Orla Callahan Author photo
P. Barr Loomis Endpaper maps oceanography
Marilyn Alm Endpaper maps ocean currents
Niels Erickson Endpaper maps originator
Jim Burns Cover artist
Edwin Herder Illustrator
Tom Kidd Illustrator, Cover artist
Gene Szafran Cover artist
Wojtek Siudmak Cover artist
Paul Damon Cover artist
Charles Bernard Cover artist
Paul Alexander Cover artist
W. Siudmak Cover artist
Tiziano Cremonini Cover artist
Dieter Schmidt Translator
Chris McGrath Cover artist
Paul Young Cover artist
Duane O. Myers Cover artist
Richard M. Powers Cover artist
Tim White Cover artist
Melvyn Grant Cover artist
Chris Moore Cover artist
Scott Grimando Cover artist
David Shannon Cover artist
Kevin Tweddell Cover artist
Ned Dameron Illustrator
Victoria Poyser Cover artist
Terese Nielsen Cover artist
Mark Hess Cover artist
Chris Spollen Cover artist
Harvey Parker Cover artist
Larry Rostant Cover artist
Gamb Cover artist
Dean Morrissey Cover artist
Carol Heyer Cover artist
Marina Sirtis Narrator
Eduardo Saló Translator


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