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Edna Mazya teaches dramatic writing at Tel Aviv University.

Includes the name: עדנה מזי"א

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv, Israel (birth)



Die 47-jährige Nomi reist aus Tel Aviv nach Österreich und Deutschland, um ihrer langjährigen Fernbeziehung eine neue, nahe Beziehung vorzuschlagen.
Doch bevor es dazu kommt, setzt sie sich mit ihrer Vergangenheit und der ihrer Familie auseinander. Die Hauptperson ihres Lebens, ihre Großmutter Ruth, hat ihr ihre Tagebücher vermacht und nun, im fernen Deutschland, beginnt Nomi sie zu lesen.
Die Geschichte von Ruth ist sicherlich spannend und interessant. Mein größtes Problem an dem Buch ist, dass ich Ruth so unsymphatisch fand. Das ist sicher beabsichtigt, Nomi schreibt ja selbst: „Nur eines begreife ich nicht, liebe Ruth: Was hat die große, edelmütige, warmherzige Liebe meines Lebens mit jener selbstsüchtigen, manipulativen Person zu tun, die du im Tagebuch beschreibst?“ Aber es macht mir die Lektüre nicht leichter, weil es mir nicht immer klar war, warum ich die Geschichte eines Menschen lesen soll, den ich so wenig mag.… (mais)
Wassilissa | Aug 4, 2011 |
By an Israeli writer, set in Israel, about a guy who murders his young wife's lover and gets his mother to help him cover it up! Quirky and quite good.
bobbieharv | outras 2 resenhas | Mar 19, 2007 |
This novel by the Israeli playwright Edna Mazya concerns a middle-aged astro-physicist professor Ilan who discovers his much younger wife Naomi is having an affair with a Russian drifter/documentary film maker Oded Safra. The love torn Ilan deeply effected by this event finds himself almost against his will following his wife and her lover all over town. He can hardly keep himself out of their way and eventually almost without planning it walks in on Oded and the two decide to talk it over. Problem is Oded is not at all sorry and not at all going to stop and his mildly mocking tone slowly gets on Ilan's nerves and Ilan finally becomes enraged when Oded produces a pipe that Naomi had once given to Ilan as a present and that Ilan had never liked but afterall it was his. Seeing it flaunted in front of him causes the normally mild mannered Ilan to temporarily lose his self control and before you know it he has a corpse on his hands. Ilan then has to get rid of the body and fix it to look like Oded has run out on Naomi. To do this he enlists his very cynical but also very diabolically clever mother Erna and the very sharp-witted Erna comes up with an ingenious plan. But the thing is Ilan just can't leave it alone and keeps putting himself in situations that call attention to his crime. For another Naomi is very suspicious about Ilan's whereabouts on the same night as Oded's disappearance. And on top of all that Ilan's best friend from childhood Anton (an Arab) is a very upright and efficient homicide detective. This is somewhat the setting for a very very good debut novel that also gives us a look at Israeli society and university life. It is cleverly plotted, philosophically astute and at times extremely funny. This is all delivered with a light and deft touch. Eventually the truth will come out between Ilan and Naomi but also a reconciliation that I would think might surprise most readers of the book. Whatever else it is very good entertainment.… (mais)
lriley | outras 2 resenhas | Oct 6, 2006 |
Love Burns by Edna Mazya is a first novel by this award winning Israeli playwrite and was a compelling look at what happens when an obsessive love leads to murder. I found the Israeli setting particularly interesting. This was an enjoyable read.
aahlvers | outras 2 resenhas | Sep 11, 2006 |


½ 3.6

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