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(eng) Everina Maxwell is also known as Avoliot on digital publishing sites.


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Winter's Orbit (2021) 1,012 cópias
Ocean's Echo (2022) 353 cópias
A Short Holiday 2 cópias


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Sussex, England, UK
Yorkshire, England, UK
Astounding Award Nominee for Best New Writer (2022)
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Everina Maxwell is also known as Avoliot on digital publishing sites.



TW: flashbacks to intimate partner abuse, gaslighting
s_carr | outras 50 resenhas | Feb 25, 2024 |
I’m sure there are loads of reviews singing the praises of the (deserving!) leading men, so I’ll leave them for everyone to love on while I talk about our girl Bel.

Highly efficient, dignified ex-space pirate confusing 'personal assistant to Prince Kiem' with 'exasperated sister-figure to that lazy moron, Kiem'? A sweet, slow-burn fondness for Jainan? The whole, “you scared the shit out of me you idiot” bit when she comes to yoink the boys off the mountainside? The whole, “we are not getting this Thean child killed,” bit with the anarchist undergrad she barely knows but adopts on-sight (sidenote: same)? The whole, “lol fuck that lowbrow job offer” bit when she turns down thE EMPEROR just so she can keep chillin with the fool squad because she’s actually a not-so-secret die-hard softie?? ... I’m deeply in love.

Anyway, lovely characters. Great story. I’m excited to see if Maxwell writes anything else in this universe~
… (mais)
hannerwell | outras 50 resenhas | Feb 24, 2024 |
Final conclusion: readable, but very meh, and *so* derivative. The plot is silly and convoluted and not very interesting. Every character is just painfully straightforward and bad at subterfuge, except when they're miscommunicating. At the same time, it's not bad bad, and I might have benefited from lower expectations, so giving it one star feels excessive.

Feels influenced by the Vorkosigan books and The Murderbot Diaries, but space is just the scenery and no interesting questions are being asked. I'm disappointed with the relationship tropes; I thought we were gonna talk about grief and second loves, ala Cordelia Aral (who learned and grew and changed from their also very fucked up previous relationships!), but instead we have "Taam is a monster who deserved what he got."

The worldbuilding is one of those cases where the author uses oddball names and oddball genders as a flimsy stand-in for coming up with new and alien cultures. Provenance made me believe that the Hwaeans are obsessed with their ritual objects. Winter's Orbit has ceremonies because That's What Being Royal Is, IDK, Let's Have An Object Handover Party.

At least the names are short. I've decided that Taaaaaam is just the space-spelling of Tom. Fucking Tom.
… (mais)
caedocyon | outras 50 resenhas | Feb 23, 2024 |
Tohutult veniv ja ülevoolavalt melodramaatiline. Lugu on isegi täitsa okei, aga peategelaste käitumismallid täiesti ebausutavad ja paneva lakkamatult ohkama.
Soovitan selle vahele jätta ja võtta kohe teise raamatu, Ocean's Echo. Armulugu on enam-vähem sama, aga lugu palju parem ja halelevat ilulemist ja hormoonitiineid õhkamisi kõvasti vähem.
sashery | outras 50 resenhas | Jan 29, 2024 |



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