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Valerie Martin is the author of six novels & two collections of short fiction, including "Italian Fever", "The Great Divorce", & "Mary Reilly". She lived in Italy for three years & now resides in upstate New York. (Bowker Author Biography)

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Property (2003) 1,090 cópias
Mary Reilly (1990) 796 cópias
The Ghost of the Mary Celeste (2014) 323 cópias
Trespass (2007) 306 cópias
Italian Fever (1999) 236 cópias
The Confessions of Edward Day (2009) 147 cópias
The Great Divorce (1994) 118 cópias
Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea (2013) 104 cópias
A Recent Martyr (1987) 68 cópias
Alexandra (1979) 57 cópias
Sea Lovers: Selected Stories (2015) 46 cópias
I Give It to You (2020) 40 cópias
Set in Motion (1978) 29 cópias
Anton and Cecil, Book 2: Cats on Track (2015) — Author. — 29 cópias
Mrs Gulliver (2024) 15 cópias
Love (2005) 13 cópias
Anton and Cecil, Book 3: Cats Aloft (2016) — Author. — 10 cópias
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I Shudder at Your Touch (1991) — Contribuinte — 550 cópias
At Mrs Lippincote's (1945) — Introdução, algumas edições397 cópias
This Is My Best: Great Writers Share Their Favorite Work (2004) — Contribuinte — 160 cópias
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Cullen, John (husband)



Property by Valerie Martin em Orange January/July (Janeiro 2012)


When I began reading this book, it appeared to be a five-star read. The book tells the story of Carita, a blind and destitute young woman, brought to a brothel owned by Mrs. Gulliver, by her sister, Bessie. It began as a touching story of Carita pulling herself out of her poverty, to make something of her life, even if it meant working as a prostitute.

However, about a third of the way in, the book really bogged down. The author took the story in a different direction. There is a double murder and a man on the run. Fortunately, about two-thirds in, the book picks up steam again and returns to Carita and her story.

I felt most of the important characters were well developed, but there were too many characters overall. The middle third of the book should have been trimmed to make it a tighter and better read overall. However, except for that middle third, the book reads quickly and is a good read.

The only other issue I had with the book is that the ending felt rushed. The final section read more like a news account, wrapping up the loose ends, and was not totally satisfying. There was one loose end, that being the future of Mike and Mrs. Gulliver that was not tied up.

Overall, the book, despite the above flaws, is still a good read and worthy of a four-star rating. It is worth your time to read it.
… (mais)
dwcofer | 1 outra resenha | Mar 30, 2024 |
A most unusual but equally really enjoyable read. The writing is fast and furious and it is impossible at times to put the book down :) Lila Gulliver is the Madam of a brothel on the tropical island of Verona. She is a bright business woman not only managing her staff but also looking after their welfare, and this in return creates a sense of loyalty. A young attractive lady impresses Lila, and even though Carita is blind she is employed, and very quickly proves her worth to the business. However life soon gets very complex when Carita falls in love with Ian Brohan son of judge Michael Brolan…….” a dashing, fine figure of a man, confident in the power of his physical presence”......
It would be wrong to believe that clients visiting Madam Gullivers are dictating, and demanding, being wealthy does not mean that they have a right to humiliate, use, and discard the young ladies on offer. What makes this such a brilliant book is the way the author shows the reader that in reality it is the women working for, and with, and including, Lila Gulliver who dictate the shape and direction of their lives….”Men are expected to succeed, women to fail. Every woman knows the deck is stacked. In practical terms this makes it more difficult for women to succeed, but it’s more damning for men to fail. Win or lose, defying expectations is heavy going”........
This is storytelling at its best, set in the early 1950’s it brings to life the sights and sounds of a tropical island. Lila Gulliver holds the reader in awe with her beauty, and smart business acumen looking after and guiding those girls who she feels have entrusted their lives to her. Highly recommended.
… (mais)
runner56 | 1 outra resenha | Jan 31, 2024 |
This book is set in Louisiana, nearly 40 years before the Civil War. The title of the book has many layers of meaning: Manon Gaudet is the bitter and unhappy wife of a sugar plantation owner who is rapidly descending into bankruptcy; her house slave Sarah who was given to her as a wedding gift in part to get her out of Manon’s parent’s house; the house that is left to her on her mother’s death is scheduled to become her husband’s property, since everything belonging to a woman automatically becomes the property of her husband – she only gets to retain the house due to the death of her husband in a slave uprising.

see the rest of my review here:

… (mais)
nordie | outras 44 resenhas | Oct 14, 2023 |
Here's what I wrtoe in 2008 about this read: "A different twist to tell the story of American slavery, and the awful pains inflicted. House slave is loved by the a wretched master, but treated most poorly by his unhappy wife." Observation in 2023: certainly many women treated women slaves, regardless of the amount of the husband's attention, very
MGADMJK | outras 44 resenhas | Jul 25, 2023 |



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