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I finally picked this book up due to quite a lot of recommendations, I will say this book's targeted audience of adults is quite misleading. This book read more for an audience of ages of 12 to maybe 14, although I did overall enjoy and found myself chuckling at quite a few parts I felt that it still fell a bit short on plot wise.
The whole while this Villain is supposed to be some big bad he is depicted more as a brooding kind of emotionless man, who was deprived of love and therefore was not really sure how to express his feelings this does not equal Villain to me at all, with that being said it was also contradicting of his supposed nature because he seemed to care more than what he should, like deep down he was just a big softy. In hindsight he reminded me a lot of the Beast of Beauty and the beast but at the same time the Beast had more meanness to him than this villain.
The story also read more like a kid's fairy tale than anything and it really felt like something was missing. Now all with all that said and done I did find myself entertained reading this, I did overall enjoy Trystan and Evie and the slow romance building between the two. Once I stopped expecting this book to be for a mature audience I got into it and liked it.
Towards the end we find out some things that I will not spoil that but it really took me by surprise and had me mad as hell, but a good mad that made me give this book a 4 star, honestly i would give it a 3.5 but good reads doesn't allow that anymore so I gave it a 4 to round off :) .

So all in all the book is a cute story, with some humor in it and a messed up twist and I'd recommend to friends.
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Enid007 | outras 21 resenhas | May 20, 2024 |
This fantasy/romance (which is not a genre I read often) was sometimes silly and immature but it was a fun read and I can't believe I'm saying this but I am actually looking forward to the sequel. Well....you see, there was a cliff hanger and I need to find out what happened to one of the key figures in the story. What can I say?!
Perhaps, adults need a little fantasy on their bookshelves to get through life in the 21st century.
Carmenere | outras 21 resenhas | May 19, 2024 |
SE BUSCA ASISTENTE: Célebre villano de alta categoría busca asistente leal y sensata para llevar a cabo tareas administrativas no especificadas y ofrecer asistencia al resto del personal en las situaciones caóticas y terroríficas que puedan surgir, entre otros Asuntos Siniestros En General. Se requiere discreción. Excelentes condiciones.

Dado que Evie Sage es quien debe encargarse de mantener a su hermana y a su padre enfermo, su situación laboral no es meramente importante; es vital. Así que, cuando un percance con el Villano más infame de Rennedawn acaba en una oferta de empleo, no tiene más remedio que aceptar. Ningún trabajo es perfecto, claro, pero menos aún cuando te enamoras de tu terrorífico, temperamental e innegablemente atractivo jefe. No encuentres al mal tan atractivo, Evie.

Justo cuando se está acostumbrando a ver cabezas cortadas colgando del techo y a la extraña sensación de pisar un globo ocular extraviado mientras anda, Evie empieza a sospechar que entre esas mazmorras se esconde una enorme rata... y no solo en sentido literal. Algo podrido está emergiendo en el reino de Rennedawn, y alguien quiere acabar con El Villano y con todo su perverso imperio. Ahora Evie no solo va a tener que evitar babear por su jefe, sino también que averiguar quién es exactamente la persona que lo está saboteando para que él pueda hacérselo pagar.

Pero es que, claro, cuesta mucho encontrar un buen trabajo.
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bibliotecayamaguchi | outras 21 resenhas | May 2, 2024 |
DNF @ 28%

I made it 28% into the audiobook before I called it quits. There is just something missing. I am not invested in the characters and it seems like nothing has happened in the plot so far. Maybe I should have given it a little longer, but I have a lot of books on my TBR so it is time to move on.

Content: a couple uses of strong language per chapter
libraryofemma | outras 21 resenhas | Apr 18, 2024 |




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