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Tea with the Black Dragon (1983) 1,477 cópias
Twisting the Rope (1986) 647 cópias
Damiano (1984) 645 cópias
The Book of Kells (1985) 637 cópias
Damiano's Lute (1984) 532 cópias
Raphael (1984) 479 cópias
The Grey Horse (1987) 473 cópias
Lens of the World (1990) 433 cópias
King of the Dead (1991) 273 cópias
A Trio for Lute (1984) 265 cópias
The Belly of the Wolf (1994) 221 cópias
Death and Resurrection (2011) 80 cópias
In Between (2009) 36 cópias

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The Bantam Spectra Sampler (1985) — Contribuinte — 9 cópias


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Nome de batismo
Macavoy, Roberta Ann
Outros nomes
Macavoy, Bertie
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Locais de residência
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Case Western Reserve University (B.A.) (1971)
computer programmer
fantasy writer
John W. Campbell Award (1984)



I originally bought this because it involved time travel to medieval Ireland, things that really twigged my interest at the time. But I have re-read it many times because I so enjoy the characters that MacAvoy lovingly draws. Even the bad guys get a full sketch; no one important to this story gets short shrift.
Treebeard_404 | outras 15 resenhas | Jan 23, 2024 |
A fun and engaging short novel that didn't go where I expected it to. The opening chapter focuses on the somewhat elderly Martha Macnamara and her tea with a fellow resident in her San Francisco hotel, Mayland Long, aka Oolong, aka the black dragon of the title. It's all very calm and zen. Then, instead of My Dinner with Andre, Martha is kidnapped and the story becomes an action adventure as Mayland seeks to rescue her and her daughter, whose lapse into computer crime, has led to some likely fatal consequences. By computer, we're talking the very early pre-IBM pre-Microsoft pre-Apple days, when CPM and S-100 roamed the earth, and Dr Dobbs and Byte were the monthly reads of the counter-culture. There's enough rom-com/rom-drama here that I'm surprised it has never been filmed.

… (mais)
1 vote
ChrisRiesbeck | outras 36 resenhas | Jan 15, 2024 |
This book wasn't as good as I expected - Outdated, with a weird a cast of characters, including the lead, Martha Macnamara, an Irish Fiddler whose estranged daughter is missing. The story is a product of a time, when it seems like anything Irish was fair game for fantasy. Add in computers as they were in the early 1980's, and you get a hodgepodge that doesn't work anymore. The writing is well done, but the story itself is outdated.
TheDivineOomba | outras 36 resenhas | Jan 14, 2024 |
Having read several of the author's books before and been disappointed by one or two, I was pleasantly surprised by this one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It takes the form of a series of letters by a man who is telling the story of his younger self to a friend, who we gradually realise is a King and later, exactly who it is.

Nazhuret grows up in a boy's school which takes only those of a certain social standing and yet he has no clue as to his parentage. His fees are paid by an uncle he doesn't know, who at one point fails to pay for a whole year so that Nazhuret has to work as school servant role. When the fees are subsquently paid, he receives a year's wage. The bright spot in his existence when he is around 12 years old is a friendship with the daughter of a local Duke, but she suddenly disappears and rumours circulate that her father has killed her, or that she has been sent away pregnant.

Nazhuret is a surprisingly sunny boy considering that some of his experiences at school, especially being sexual abused by at least one of the masters, wouldn't seem to lend him a phlegmatic disposition. He gradually becomes a fixture of the school and takes on an unpaid teaching role, but eventually the school decides to pay someone and his only choice is either to be recruited into the army of the duke who may have killed his daughter or to abscond. He does the latter and meets a mysterious character in a building on the outskirts of town: an encounter that will shape the whole of his life. For this man will teach him, among other things, to become a trained killer and an optician.

I won't say any more about the plot but I loved the oblique style of narrative and the characters, especially Arlin, an old acquaintance from school days who turns up at opportune moments and is, among other things, a card sharp and an expert with horses, knife throwing and rapier fighting, plus other larger than life people such as King Rudof and Nazhuret's mentor. Nazuret himself is interesting: he views himself as horribly ugly but it gradually becomes clear that he resembles the people who live in another country who are traditional enemies of the land where he lives. Even horses are well developed as personalities, especially Arlin's horse, Sabia. There are some good twists in the story also. So a well deserved 5 stars.
… (mais)
kitsune_reader | outras 11 resenhas | Nov 23, 2023 |



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