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Writing both literary criticism and novels, British author David Lodge has learned to practice what he teaches. A professor of Modern English literature, both his fiction and nonfiction have found a large readership in the United Kingdom and the United States. To maintain his dual approach to mostrar mais writing, Lodge has attempted to alternate a novel one year and a literary criticism the next throughout his career. Lodge's fiction has been described as good writing with a good laugh, and he is praised for his ability to treat serious subjects sardonically. This comic touch is evident in his first novel, "The Picturegoers" (1960) in which the conflict of Catholicism with sensual desire, a recurrent theme, is handled with wit and intelligence. "How Far Can You Go" (1980) released in United States as "Souls and Bodies" (1982) also examines sexual and religious evolution in a marvelously funny way. "Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses" (1975, 1979), based on Lodge's experience in Berkeley as a visiting professor, won the Hawthorne Prize and the Yorkshire Post fiction prize and solidified his reputation in America. Some of the author's other hilarious novels include "Nice Work" (1989), which Lodge adapted into an award-winning television series, and "Therapy" (1995), a sardonic look at mid-life crisis. Lodge's nonfiction includes a body of work begun in 1966 with "The Language of Fiction" and includes "The Art of Fiction: Illustrated from Classic and Modern Texts" (1992) and "The Practice of Writing: Essays, Lectures, Reviews and a Diary"(1996). In a unique approach, he often uses his own works for critical examination and tries to give prospective writers insights into the complex creative process. David John Lodge was born in London on January 28, 1935. He has a B.A. (1955) and M.A (1959) from University College, London and a Ph.D. (1967) and an Honorary Professorship (1987) from the University of Birmingham. Lodge is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. (Bowker Author Biography) David Lodge is the author of ten novels & a novella, including "Changing Places", "Small World" (shortlisted for the Booker Prize in 1984), "Nice Work" (also shortlisted for the Booker), "Paradise News", "Therapy", &, most recently, "Home Truths". He is also the author of several works of literary criticism, including "The Art of Fiction" & "The Practice of Writing". He lives in Birmingham, England. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Small World (1984) 2,116 cópias
Changing Places (1975) 1,937 cópias
Nice Work (1988) 1,819 cópias
Therapy (1995) 1,391 cópias
Thinks . . . (2001) 1,307 cópias
Deaf Sentence (2008) 1,116 cópias
Paradise News (1991) 926 cópias
How Far Can You Go? (1980) 703 cópias
Author, Author (2004) 650 cópias
Home Truths (1999) 449 cópias
Out of the Shelter (1970) 398 cópias
A Man of Parts (2011) 389 cópias
The Practice of Writing (1996) 263 cópias
Ginger, You're Barmy (1962) 254 cópias
The Picturegoers (1960) 215 cópias
Consciousness and the Novel (2002) 169 cópias
The Writing Game: A Comedy (1991) 42 cópias
Lives in Writing (2014) 40 cópias
Writer's Luck: A Memoir: 1976-1991 (2018) — Autor — 27 cópias
Surprised by Summer (1996) 10 cópias
Evelyn Waugh (1971) 5 cópias
Therapy | Thinks . . . (2002) 4 cópias
Varying Degrees of Success (2022) 3 cópias
Graham Greene (1962) 3 cópias
San Ferry Ann 2 cópias
A Man in Paris 1 exemplar(es)
Terapi (2010) 1 exemplar(es)
Ve?ti din Paradis 1 exemplar(es)
Výkvět mužství : román (2012) 1 exemplar(es)
La vtoute nue 1 exemplar(es)
Interior Monologue 1 exemplar(es)
Prose writings 1 exemplar(es)
Hotel des Boobs 1 exemplar(es)
Ein ganzer Mann 1 exemplar(es)

Associated Works

Emma (1815) — Introdução, algumas edições38,138 cópias
O Nome da Rosa (1980) — Introdução, algumas edições19,560 cópias
Howards End (1910) — Introdução, algumas edições8,803 cópias
Lucky Jim (1954) — Introdução, algumas edições5,814 cópias
The Knot of Vipers (1932) — Introdução, algumas edições953 cópias
A Clockwork Orange [Norton Critical Edition] (2010) — Contribuinte — 914 cópias
Os Espólios de Poynton (1896) — Editor, algumas edições771 cópias
The Slaves of Solitude (1947) — Introdução, algumas edições706 cópias
Kipps (1905) — Introdução — 511 cópias
One Fat Englishman (1963) — Introdução, algumas edições439 cópias
The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories (1989) — Contribuinte — 431 cópias
To the Hermitage (2000) — Biographical essay, algumas edições303 cópias
The Return of the Pink Panther [1975 film] (1975) — Actor — 134 cópias
Alton Locke (1856) — Introdução, algumas edições102 cópias
The State of the Language [1990] (1979) — Contribuinte — 88 cópias
The State of the Language [1980] (1980) — Contribuinte — 83 cópias
Granta 12: The True Adventures of The Rolling Stones (1984) — Contribuinte — 44 cópias
Best of Ring Lardner (1984) — Editor — 40 cópias
Ice Cold in Alex [1958 film] (1958) — Actor — 21 cópias
Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo! [2022 film] (2022) — Actor — 6 cópias
Edge of Sanity [1989 Film] (1989) — Actor — 4 cópias
Anthony Burgess and Modernity (2008) — Prefácio — 3 cópias


1001 (229) 1001 books (246) 19th century (931) 20th century (609) academia (437) Austen (466) British (1,131) British fiction (279) British literature (925) classic (1,937) classic literature (229) classics (2,047) comedy (205) ebook (253) England (1,067) English (549) English fiction (180) English literature (1,035) essays (186) fiction (8,845) historical fiction (249) humor (910) Jane Austen (672) Kindle (250) literary criticism (354) literary fiction (184) literature (1,495) love (198) non-fiction (293) novel (1,922) own (325) read (765) Regency (331) Roman (276) romance (1,180) satire (216) to-read (2,302) UK (260) unread (351) writing (248)

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Epistolary comedy - read in the 90s em Name that Book (Agosto 2019)
English Fiction em Name that Book (Setembro 2013)


With the culture change in the Catholic Church in mid-Twentieth Century, our characters (all growing up in an unparalleled post war English affluence) must seek the answer to "How Far Can You Go?" in their own consciences. The old Jansenist Christian Doctrine of their parents and clergy is found wanting.
David Lodge writes with sympathy and experience about the confrontation that cradle Catholics found themselves engulfed in, as reform and revised ideas of faith took hold.
ivanfranko | outras 7 resenhas | May 14, 2024 |
I've found all of Lodge's academic-related novels to be very enjoyable, often humorous and well-observed.
sfj2 | outras 4 resenhas | May 8, 2024 |
Je možné smysluplně zkombinovat humoristický román s teologickým traktátem? Ano lze, ale dokáže do asi jenom pár lidí na planetě a David Lodge mezi ně patří. Jen si nejsem úplně jist, jestli to každý dokáže ocenit ;o) Knihu jsem zhltl takřka najednou, během necelých dvou dní a vlastně mě moc mrzelo, že ty románové postavy nejsou skutečné. Nesmírně silný text. Vtipný a přitom velmi hluboký, podnětný, dojemný... Celkový dojem: 95%
Sandiik | outras 14 resenhas | May 4, 2024 |
First read as a new lecturer, and again as a retired prof (when the situations looks much more familiar). Although the plot is worthy of a Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera, Lodge's 1980s academia still rings true a half century later. I chuckled throughout, but the situations, scheming personalities and invented contexts - especially the myriad layers of academic conferences, scrabbles for posts and praise - also reminded me of how good it was to retire.
sfj2 | outras 33 resenhas | Apr 9, 2024 |



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