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If you are like me, you have your web browser homepage set at the Google homepage and 8 times out of 10, when you do a Google search for something, a Wikipedia article is one of the top hits in the search results list. Describing Wikipedia in Lih's own words,
"Wikipedia is a human-centered endeavor that invites participation on a massive scale. It usurps top-down authority, empowers individuals, and harnesses previously untapped labor of individuals previously isolated kin separate social networks, but brought together by the Internet."
Lih examines the idea of Wikipedia as an open information resource and the grassroots community of volunteer writers, editors and administrators who have built Wikipedia into the extensive online information resource it is to this day. Lih does a good job pointing out the teething/growing pains of Wikipedia over time, including personality/culture clashes between members as well as the difficulties of containing the ever growing throngs of vandals, trolls and sock puppets that are attracted to successful online sites that allow users edit/post capabilities, as we have noticed here on Librarything. The book was published in 2009 so it is not surprising that the next chapter of Wikipedia's life has already occurred outside of the pages of this book. While Lih does attempt to balance the social/cultural/community aspects of Wikipedia with the more technical, software geek side of software code and wiki structure, I can see where this may come across as rather dry reading for someone, especially if they are looking for more of the world end-user reaction to Wikipedia as a social phenomenon of the Internet age.… (mais)
lkernagh | outras 11 resenhas | Jan 10, 2016 |
petrolpetal | outras 11 resenhas | Jan 30, 2011 |
I rather enjoyed this story of the development of Wikipedia. In some areas, such as entertainment, is the best and easiest resource to use for up-to-date information. As a collaborative effort, the structure of some articles is uneven, and there have been disputations. Of areas of interest to me, the Enneagram and some aspects of bus transportation service, there are some remarkable holes, and biased ideas of what should or should not be included. But as a whole, Wikipedia is very commendable. I think the author, Andrew Lih, has been even-handed. The story itself is engrossing. It is remarkable that so many people will volunteer their expertise in developing articles, and I have done minor edits myself.… (mais)
vpfluke | outras 11 resenhas | Nov 14, 2010 |
If you’ve ever searched for content on the Internet, chances are you’ve seen a link to Wikipedia article near the top of your results list. Do you click on the Wikipedia link or ignore it? This book may help you decide. You might expect a book written by a Wikipedia insider with a foreword written by Wikipedia’s founder to be nothing more than an extended promotion of the site. However, author Andrew Lih doesn’t shy away from the controversial aspects of the site, and he recounts its failures as well as its successes. Librarians and educators with responsibility for teaching students how to evaluate Web content will benefit from reading this history of Wikipedia’s development and analysis of its ethos.… (mais)
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cbl_tn | outras 11 resenhas | Aug 31, 2010 |

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