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Love this series, even IF John Lescault continues to be the reader. :-)
But this one was written 4 years ago . . .It looks like the other two were both written two years earlier in 2012. I'm hoping Mitchell is not done with the series--no doubt his astrology business picked up quite a bit after publishing even the first one, if it even needed to. I suspect he's too busy to write. :-(
TraSea | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
Well done--getting all that astrological interpretation into a story without seeming too clunky or didactic. The reader, Patrick Cullen, may take getting used to--I felt he did well with the calm parts--so, for the most part, with the main characters, David and Melinda, and some of the other bit players-but for the tense moments, and most of the time with the tough female character, the delivery felt a bit unnatural. But, like I say, perhaps it's just a matter of getting used to it. I'll be listening to the subsequent two in the series.… (mais)
TraSea | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
This 2nd book in the series was great too.
I'm sorry to admit I was really hoping for a new reader. John Lescault (AKA Patrick Cullen) has a great voice, and no doubt does excellent with non-fiction, but the use of volume and fast clipped speech for every nuance of emotion beyond calm speech sounds too unnatural. I'm probably too critical and shouldn't get distracted by it, but I do.
Goodreads often lists audio books separate from print, but they don't have the audio format (9781481592079), so I'm using this record for the print version.… (mais)
TraSea | outras 2 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
There was nothing inherently wrong with this book, it just turned out to be not really a good fit for me. I went into it with the wrong expectations, for one thing; for some reason when I read the blurb, I expected it to be a humorous mystery, but it didn't have the element of comedy I was expecting. And unfortunately, I couldn't buy into the astrology element--not through any fault of the author's. It just didn't work for me as something to hinge the solving of a murder mystery upon, and for me, with absolutely no knowledge of astrology, the explanations didn't really make sense. It's competently written and well-narrated, and the plot itself is good. Fans of astrology will likely love it! The notion of as astrologer-detective is fresh and interesting and adds a different twist that many mystery readers would probably like.

It's interesting to think that had the main character been using *magic* instead of astrology, I could have accepted it more readily. So that part is entirely my fault. :)
… (mais)
sdramsey | outras 2 resenhas | Dec 14, 2020 |

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