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Beverly Lewis was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1949. She received a degree in music education from Evangel University. She grew up as an Assembly of God minister's daughter. Although she was not Amish, she had a close family connection to Old Order Mennonites, including her maternal mostrar mais grandmother who left the Mennonite community when she married. Her first book, Mountain Bikes and Garbanzo Beans (now titled Big Bad Beans) was published in 1993. Since then she has written over eighty books. Her titles for children and young adults include several series including the Cul-De-Sac Kids, the Girls Only (GO!), and the Holly's Heart. Her adult fiction books include The Heritage of Lancaster County series, the Abram's Daughters series, The Rose Trilogy, and the Home to Hickory Hollow series. She has received numerous awards including two Silver Angel Awards for The Postcard and Annika's Secret Wish and a Gold Book Award for The Shunning. In 2014, she made The New York Times Best Seller List with her title Child of Mine. Her title, The Love Letters, made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2015. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras de Beverly Lewis

The Shunning (1996) 1,941 cópias
The Covenant (2002) 1,709 cópias
The Confession (1997) 1,456 cópias
The Reckoning (1998) 1,420 cópias
The Preacher's Daughter (2005) 1,381 cópias
The Betrayal (2003) 1,349 cópias
The Sacrifice (2004) 1,346 cópias
The Prodigal (2004) 1,329 cópias
The Revelation (2005) 1,287 cópias
The Englisher (2006) 1,284 cópias
The Redemption of Sarah Cain (2000) 1,208 cópias
The Brethren (2006) 1,199 cópias
The Postcard (1999) 1,150 cópias
The Parting (2007) 1,145 cópias
The Crossroad (1999) 1,085 cópias
The Secret (2009) 1,071 cópias
Sanctuary (2001) 992 cópias
October Song (2001) 900 cópias
The Forbidden (2008) 900 cópias
The Longing (2008) 818 cópias
The Missing (2009) 808 cópias
The Thorn (2010) 779 cópias
The Telling (2010) 718 cópias
The Judgment (2011) 636 cópias
The Fiddler (2012) 622 cópias
The Mercy (2011) 612 cópias
The Double Dabble Surprise (1993) 602 cópias
The Chicken Pox Panic (1995) 503 cópias
The Guardian (2013) 496 cópias
The Bridesmaid (2012) 488 cópias
No Grown-ups Allowed (1995) 442 cópias
The Secret Keeper (2013) 439 cópias
The Mystery of Case D. Luc (1995) 410 cópias
Frog Power (1995) 409 cópias
The Last Bride (2014) 380 cópias
The Sunroom (1998) 342 cópias
Pickle Pizza (1996) 341 cópias
The River (2014) 316 cópias
Child of Mine (2014) 306 cópias
The Stinky Sneakers Mystery (1996) 306 cópias
The Mudhole Mystery (1997) 300 cópias
What is Heaven Like? (2006) 300 cópias
Mailbox Mania (1996) 290 cópias
The Love Letters (2015) 283 cópias
The Crabby Cat Caper (1997) 275 cópias
Fiddlesticks (1997) 268 cópias
The Photograph (2015) 265 cópias
Backyard Bandit Mystery (1997) 245 cópias
Big Bad Beans (2000) 240 cópias
Tarantula Toes (1997) 238 cópias
The Ebb Tide (2017) 234 cópias
Tree House Trouble (1998) 233 cópias
The Great TV Turn-Off (1998) 227 cópias
Mystery Mutt (2000) 226 cópias
The Atonement (2016) 223 cópias
Green Gravy (1997) 217 cópias
The Granny Game (1999) 214 cópias
Piggy Party (1999) 213 cópias
The Creepy Sleep-Over (1998) 208 cópias
The Wish (2016) 207 cópias
Annika's Secret Wish (2000) 200 cópias
The Upside-Down Day (2001) 194 cópias
The Proving (2017) 186 cópias
The Road Home (2018) 184 cópias
Amish Country Crossroads (2005) 175 cópias
The First Love (2018) 169 cópias
What is God Like? (2008) 168 cópias
The Tinderbox (2019) 167 cópias
The Timepiece (2019) 150 cópias
Just Like Mama (2002) 149 cópias
Whispers Down the Lane (1995) 148 cópias
In Jesse's Shoes (2007) 126 cópias
The Stone Wall (2020) 118 cópias
Secret in the Willows (1995) 113 cópias
Annie's People, Vols. 1-3 (2006) 102 cópias
Best Friend, Worst Enemy (1993) 102 cópias
Catch a Falling Star (1995) 98 cópias
The Beginning (2021) 92 cópias
Night of the Fireflies (1995) 89 cópias
A Cry in the Dark (1996) 85 cópias
The Orchard (2022) 79 cópias
House of Secrets (1996) 78 cópias
Echoes in the Wind (1997) 70 cópias
Windows on the Hill (1999) 68 cópias
Hide Behind the Moon (1998) 67 cópias
Shadows Beyond the Gate (2000) 64 cópias
Girls Only! vol. 1 (1853) 42 cópias
The Heirloom (2023) 41 cópias
It's a Girl Thing (1997) 36 cópias
Girls Only!: Volume Two (2008) 28 cópias
Seasons of Grace (2010) 14 cópias
Cul-de-sac Kids Series 1 exemplar(es)
The Covenant [abridged] 1 exemplar(es)

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1 (99) Abram's Daughters (95) adult (225) adult fiction (295) Amish (2,250) Amish fiction (791) beverly lewis (124) book (78) CF (72) chapter book (152) children (178) children's (61) children's fiction (97) Christian (484) Christian fiction (1,425) Christmas (67) contemporary fiction (81) Cul de Sac Kids (98) ebook (83) F (135) F LEW (201) family (95) fiction (3,816) goodreads import (67) inspirational (127) juvenile fiction (101) Kindle (67) Lancaster County (107) Large Print (200) mystery (222) novel (166) paperback (84) Pennsylvania (155) read (95) religious (59) romance (765) series (329) sisters (79) to-read (601) youth (76)

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Jones, Beverly Marie
Data de nascimento
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Colorado, USA
Evangel University
National League of American Pen Women



Abby Hunter and Stacy Henry are building a tree house--with a little help from Stacy's grandpa. When the hideaway is finished, the girls discover that a very cool tree house can cause very BIG trouble. Especially when they start posting signs that read 'Definitely No Boys Allowed!' What will happen to their faithful club motto: "The Cul-de-sac Kids stick together"? Is this the end for Abby's club on Blossom Hill Lane?
PlumfieldCH | Mar 21, 2024 |
Blossom Hill Lane is the best neighborhood ever--mostly because of the kids who live there, and the fun they share. Join Abby, Jason, Dunkum, Stacy and their friends as they learn together with the rest of the Cul-de-Sac Kids the value of friendship and faith.

The Stinky Sneakers Mystery: Jason has bragged all week about his science fair project. But on fair day, his project is missing! Will he get a bad grade? And why does Eric look so sneaky?

Pickle Pizza: Eric wants to make something special for his grandpa for Father's Day. Why not a pizza? But when the pizza flops, what is Eric going to do?

Mailbox Mania: The Cul-de-Sac Kids decorate their mailboxes for a Fourth-of-July contest. Then a mysterious gift shows up in each mailbox. Who put the presents there? And why?

The Mudhole Mystery: When Dunkum digs for buried treasure, he uncovers a locked box covered in mud. Dunkum and his friends are in for the surprise of their lives!

Fiddlesticks: Shawn is dying to make the soccer team. But some of the kids tease him because his legs are so skinny. Will the teasing mess Shawn up during tryouts?

The Crabby Cat Caper: When Mister Whiskers disappears just before the school carnival, it looks like the crabby cat is gone for good. Can Dee Dee's friends help her find him?
… (mais)
PlumfieldCH | Mar 16, 2024 |
Esta resenha foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Resenhistas do LibraryThing.
I admit that I don't normally read Amish fiction; however, the premise of this book seemed intriguing at the time. I ended up being pleasantly surprised at some of the twists and turns that this book took, although I would have to say that the cover does give off a different air than the content of the book. While I'm not likely to read other books by the author, Child of Mine was entertaining, and raised good questions about parenthood and what it means to be a mother. The deception that initially takes place is a little uncomfortable, but I'm thankful that some of the characters realize the importance of coming clean as the story progresses. The characters experience different types of hardship and the authors are successful in helping readers to sympathize with the circumstances they are facing. This book does touch on Amish culture, but is not contained to that world. If readers are already fans of the authors, this book will prove to be an engaging and suspenseful read.… (mais)
heymay | outras 30 resenhas | Mar 15, 2024 |



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