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Obras de Marc Levy

If Only It Were True (1999) 1,571 cópias
Seven Days for an Eternity (2003) 437 cópias
Où es-tu ? (2001) 424 cópias
All Those Things We Never Said (2008) 404 cópias
P.S. from Paris (2015) 403 cópias
Vous revoir (2005) 393 cópias
In Another Life (2004) 377 cópias
Mes amis Mes amours (2006) 322 cópias
The Children of Freedom (2007) 288 cópias
Steal the Shadow of the Person (2010) 280 cópias
The First Day (2009) 258 cópias
The Last of the Stanfields (2019) 247 cópias
The First Night (2009) 188 cópias
Replay (2005) 168 cópias
Une autre idée du bonheur (2014) 77 cópias
L'Horizon à l'envers (2016) 65 cópias
C'est arrivé la nuit (2020) 33 cópias
Ghost in love (2019) 26 cópias
Lo ‰sparo: romanzo (2004) 6 cópias
Ronfler comme un sonneur (2017) 6 cópias
TETU COMME UNE MULE (2017) 5 cópias
Comme deux gouttes d'eau (2017) 5 cópias
Simple comme bonjour (2017) 4 cópias
la barbe de charlemagne (2018) 4 cópias
Léger comme une plume (2017) 4 cópias
Chanter comme une casserole (2017) 4 cópias

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Schwarze Gedanken (2002) 2 cópias


Conhecimento Comum

Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Boulogne-Billancourt, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France
Université Paris-Dauphine
Levy, Lorraine (sister)
Cabinet d'architecture Eurythmic (Directeur, 19 90 | 20 00)
Société d'aménagement Cloiselec (Directeur)
Pequena biografia
From his offical website: When he turned eighteen, Marc Levy joined the Red Cross, where he spent the next six years. In parallel, he studied management and computer programming at Paris-Dauphine University. In 1983, he created a computer graphics company based in France and the USA. Six years later, he lost majority control of the group and resigned. Starting again from scratch, he returned to Paris and co-founded an interior design and planning company with two friends; the company soon became one of the leading office architecture firms in France. At age 37, Marc Levy wrote a story for the man that his son would grow up to be. In early 1999, his sister, a screenwriter (now a film director), encouraged him to send the manuscript to Editions Robert Laffont, who immediately decided to publish If Only It Were True. Before it was published, Steven Spielberg (Dreamworks) acquired film rights to the novel. The movie, Just like Heaven, produced by Steven Spielberg, starring Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, was a #1 box office hit in America in 2005. After If Only It Were True, Marc Levy began writing full-time. All of his novels have hit the top of the best-seller list in France. They are also very successful internationally and are consistently on the bestseller list in several countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, and Taiwan.



This book is set in Paris but the story could just as well have taken place in San Francisco, London, or any number of places. The story itself is also vaguely familiar in that it resembles many other romantic stories (books and movies) that are set in Paris, or in France, and that are usually written by Americans or Brits. In fact, I looked up the author, not believing that he is really French. There was nothing particularly French in the novel except that Les Deux Magots makes an appearance, and people keep going up the Rue Lepic and sitting in the Place du Tertre. The author bio and back cover tell you that Levy is "the most-read French author alive today." That might also be true of Dan Brown (hopefully not) but if so, so what? Having said all that, it was a pleasant way to spend a few hours of confinement.… (mais)
dvoratreis | outras 20 resenhas | May 22, 2024 |
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked the characters and enjoyed the heroine's search for her past.
Woodardja | outras 15 resenhas | Jan 30, 2024 |
Picked this as my Kindle First book for August. I enjoy a good rom-com movie or TV show every now and then (although they're all the same after awhile, but still good for a fluffy, fun watch), but I'd never read a rom-com novel.

I can honestly say I didn't fall in love with the book, but I did enjoy it and always looked forward to what was going to happen next. The scenarios are a little outrageous, the characters a little unbelievable at times, but the dialogue and Mia and Paul's interactions were cute and fun. I like reading books set in all types of locations, and it was exciting to read about life in Paris, as I'd never visited there before (but it's on my bucket list). Also liked that the book moved along quickly, very few slow parts. The supporting characters were funny and quirky, too, in their own ways.

However, I wasn't a fan of the writing style or the prose...lots of head-hopping in various scenes, which made it confusing to know who was talking or whose POV we were reading from. Writing was also choppy at times. I'm not sure how much of it was lost in translation, though. Sometimes I'd have to look back a paragraph, or a page, to figure out who was doing and saying what. Not much description of characters or scenery, and I had no idea what anyone looked like, really. And I didn't feel much chemistry between Mia and Paul, though strangely enough, I wanted them to end up together in the end (which, thankfully, being a rom-com, they did, despite not looking that way for awhile!). And what was with the characters muttering things to themselves all the time? Was funny at first, but then grew to be annoying. Nobody I know mutters that much IRL.

The plot ended up playing out like your typical rom-com...boy and girl meet, deny their feelings for one another, some complication forces them apart, and they find their way back to each other at the end.

This book is written with multiple viewpoints in third-person.

With that being said, I did enjoy this tale about a movie star and a novelist going through their trials and tribulations, to fall in love at the end. It did keep me interested all the way up until the end. I'd recommend this for any rom-com fans and anyone who's looking for a cute, breezy read.
… (mais)
galian84 | outras 20 resenhas | Dec 1, 2023 |
An interesting read, and it moved right along.
And I loved the surprise plot twist.
Good scenes reminding me of time in Paris.
jjbinkc | outras 20 resenhas | Aug 27, 2023 |



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