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Lee I. Levine is professor of Jewish history and archaeology and holds the Reverend Moses Bernard Lauterman Family Chair in Classical Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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The Galilee in Late Antiquity (Jewish Theological Seminary of America) (1992) — Editor; Contribuinte — 37 cópias
Ancient Synagogues Revealed (1981) 32 cópias
Synagogue in Late Antiquity (1987) 18 cópias
The Jerusalem cathedra (1981) 5 cópias
Jerusalem Cathedra Volume 2 (1982) 4 cópias

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NO OF PAGES: 227 SUB CAT I: Hellenism SUB CAT II: SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: The author looks at literary, epigraphical, and archaeological evidence in an effort to sift through the relevant issues between Judaism and Hellenism. The author's assessments argue against oversimplification and instead encourage a more nuanced and balanced view. This volume not only introduces the fundamental issues but supplies an informed reading of the sources as well. Anyone wrestling with the relationship between Judaism and Hellenism will find this essential reading.NOTES: SUBTITLE: Conflict or Confluence?… (mais)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
NO OF PAGES: 748 SUB CAT I: Synagogues SUB CAT II: History SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: Levine (Jewish history and classical archaeology, Hebrew Univ.) has produced a massive and scholarly study of the evolving role of the synagogue, from the Hellenistic period to late antiquity. The information gathered from archaeological digs has been ably incorporated into this study. Levine shows the "exuberant diversity" of synagogues of the Diaspora (the Jewish exile) and points out the common patterns that provided unity to a dispersed community. Black-and-white drawings and renderings along with photographs of individual synagogue architecture and remains complement the insightful text and make this book a true feast of learning. An informed lay reader with interests in archaeology and religion will appreciate this tome and will, at the very least, dip into certain chapters and topics. Recommended for academic libraries and public libraries with comprehensive Jewish studies collections.NOTES: Donated by Pat Irwin and Rosemary Hosey. SUBTITLE: The First Thousand Years… (mais)
BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |

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