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Mystic City (2012) 430 cópias
Toxic Heart (2014) 129 cópias
Body Electric (2015) 19 cópias
La ciudad del agua (2013) 1 exemplar(es)


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A fairly decent book. Entertaining but not very complex. Easy read.
Kaeli_Cook | outras 36 resenhas | Feb 29, 2024 |
Even though the first book is nowhere near perfect, I still had a lot of fun with it. This one was such a disappointment. I was bored for most of the book and probably should have DNF'd it a long time ago, but I was hoping it would get better, unfortunately it didn't. The characters changed so much from the first book to this one, it's almost like they're completely different characters. The melodrama continues in this book and make the characters seem very childish. The villains/antagonists are not well written and lack depth and complexity. This isn't new, they were the same way in the first book, but I was hoping it would get better with this second book. To top it off, not only do we see issues in Aria and Hunter's relationship, but now we get a dumb love triangle thrown in the midst. One of the things I liked about the first book was the star-crossed Romeo and Juliet love story. Aria and Hunter fighting to be together against all odds. We don't get any of that in this one. Major disappointment.… (mais)
VanessaMarieBooks | outras 7 resenhas | Dec 10, 2023 |
Anyone remember the show Gifted? Based on the X-men series and set in their world? This book reminds me of Romeo and Juliet meets Gifted. You've got a star crossed lovers tale, people called mystics who have special abilities (again think X-men here), a war brewing between mystics and humans, and tons of lies and betrayals.

There's a lot of melodramatic moments in this book and Aria, our main character, is one of those annoying characters that makes stupid decisions even though she knows it could put innocent people at risk. However, I had a lot of fun with this. I cannot stand Aria's family, which of course is the point, but I do wish we could have seen more complexity with her family. I get that they're the antagonist, but I think it would have been better if we could have seen more moments where they were a loving family and not just villainous assholes. It would have given their characters more depth. But overall, like I said, I still had a lot of fun with this one and can't wait to get to the next one.… (mais)
VanessaMarieBooks | outras 36 resenhas | Dec 10, 2023 |
Dos familias enemigas, los Foster y los Rose, mueven los hilos invisibles de Nueva York. Tras años de ardiente confrontación, ahora la ciudad va ser testigo de un acontecimiento inaudito: Aria Rose y Thomas Foster, los primogénitos de cada familia, van a casarse, y su matrimonio simbolizará la unión inquebrantable de los dos linajes. Mientras tanto, en las Profundidades, un grupo de rebeldes trama una virulenta rebelión política que podría hacer temblar los pilares de la ciudad y acabar con todo lo que los Rose y los Foster han construido...… (mais)
Natt90 | Nov 2, 2022 |

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½ 3.5

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