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Podkin One-Ear (2016) 205 cópias, 7 resenhas
Freaks (2012) 134 cópias, 5 resenhas
The Gift of Dark Hollow (2017) 66 cópias, 2 resenhas
The Beasts of Grimheart (2018) 48 cópias, 1 resenha
The Peculiars (2018) 25 cópias
Uki and the Outcasts (2019) 22 cópias
Uki and the Swamp Spirit (2020) 20 cópias
Uki and the Ghostburrow (2021) 13 cópias
The Treekeepers (2022) 13 cópias
Carnival of the Lost (2022) 6 cópias

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Starlight Jewel (2022) — Frontispiece, algumas edições16 cópias, 7 resenhas


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This one the writing style is just not for me, I'm going to have to wait for an audiobook to come out because I DNF'd this really fast.

It sounds like everything I want in a book, rabbits, magic, storytelling.

But the writing style doesn't hook me and it doesn't keep me fixated.

I don't blame this author, I'm sure this is a wonderful book, it's just the pros and how it's written it is not as wonderful as it could be. And if this is for children, it's definitely going to be rough for them too because they need a little bit more flower and whimsy to fully enjoy it. I'm left thinking this was for late teens.

Sadly because of how recent this book is, there's no audiobook available to relieve me of how hard it is to push through the writing. I am going to have to wait several years before somebody actually records this I guess.
… (mais)
Yolken | outras 6 resenhas | Jan 11, 2024 |
I enjoyed the first twenty pages but didn't get a chance to read past that. I'll update this if I ever do get to read the rest.
Yolken | 1 outra resenha | Jan 11, 2024 |
Het is een grappig boek maar ook heel spannend. Het is een vervolg op het boek podkin eenoor.
Sharon.van.Strien | 1 outra resenha | Feb 2, 2022 |
I absolutely adored Podkin One-Ear and I think it is safe to say it has been favourite children's fantasy of the year. My initial way to describe this book is that it is The Name of the Wind, but for kids and with rabbits. Its the perfect summary. But to give a little bit more detail: Podkin's tale is told to us by a travelling Bard on a winter's night. Podkin and his siblings narrowly escape an attack by our villains the Gorm, the stuff of little rabbits' nightmares who are wonderfully evil. With the help of assorted and fantastic rabbit side characters along the way, Podkin starts to tread down the path of destiny as he and his siblings try to survive and defeat this horrifying enemy.
This was truly a wonderful read. Podkin's world is describe in such rich detail that you too feel yourself getting cold from all the snow. There are similar themes to books like The Hobbit, with adventure, in depth mythology, and a strong focus on friendship and family. The story is fast paced, but leaves plenty of time for character development. There is some fighting and violence but nothing is described graphically enough to upset a 10 year old. There is such an assortment of wonderful characters that everyone will come away with a different character that they love the most.
Overall I give this book 4.5/5 Stars and just can't wait for the next book in the series. This is a book that will bring joy to all lovers of good fantasy. Kids will love it, their parents will and so will the teachers.
… (mais)
sianhopper | outras 6 resenhas | Dec 6, 2021 |



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