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La Cava, Gregory
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Towanda, Pennsylvania, USA
film director



This sentimental look at a group of young women trying to make it in the acting profession and leaning on each other makes for a wonderful film. There is a terrific ensemble cast of 1930s actresses who all shine at various moments. Novelist Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman found their play in good hands with producer Pandro S. Berman and director Gregory La Cava. The screenplay by Morrie Ryskind and Anthony Veiller left all the wry humor and tender sentiments in tact.

A boardinghouse in New York called the Footlight Club is where most of the film takes place, yet it in no way feels claustrophobic. There is never a dull moment in fact, as the girls go in and out to auditions looking for their big break and are constantly cracking wise to mask their fear of rejection. Eve Arden, Gail Patrick, Ann Miller, Lucille Ball, and Constance Collier all have some fine moments beside Kate Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, and Andrea Leads. Leads gives a memorable performance as the young and fragile Kay, desperate to land the lead in Enchanted April to fulfill the promise of a previous shining moment on stage.

While Hepburn’s role as Terry, the rich girl among the bunch, trying to make it on her own and finding it hard to fit in, was perhaps meant to have a slight edge over the other players, it is Ginger Rogers’ Jean who viewers care about the most. She is snappy yet vulnerable, and very softhearted underneath. The instant dislike between she and Terry dissolves as the film goes along, of course. Rogers is wonderful in a couple of scenes and her performance seems more genuine somehow than Hepburn’s does. La Cava would make Fifth Avenue Girl with Ginger two years later, and Pandro S. Berman, of course, produced the beloved Fred and Ginger films.

Gail Patrick proved excellent as the girl willing to sell out for furs to Adolph Menjou. There are many little individual subplots of the day-to-day survival within the group which all add something to the story. Leads’ performance as a girl starving in order to pay her rent will bring about a tragedy one of the girls will draw on for emotional inspiration in order to succeed.

The often overlapping dialog in Stage Door is witty and fun to listen to. One must believe that Howard Hawks used it for inspiration three years later as the same technique is exaggerated to glorious perfection in His Girl Friday. All in all, while it is dated, this is an enjoyable film classic with a wonderful cast. A must for classic film fans.
… (mais)
Matt_Ransom | Nov 29, 2023 |
2023 movie #30. 1940. A girl from across the tracks (Rogers) marries a guy who works in a diner (McCrea) w/o really telling him her background. When he finds out her mother is a prostitute, he leaves her. Rogers and McCrea were great in this somewhat racy movie for 1940.
capewood | Feb 11, 2023 |
A homeless man becomes the butler for an eccentric family.


Concept: B
Story: C
Characters: B
Dialog: A
Pacing: A
Cinematography: D
Special effects/design: D
Acting: B
Music: C

Enjoyment: B

GPA: 2.6/4
comfypants | Feb 16, 2016 |


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