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Inclui os nomes: Mary Kriger, Mary Kruger

Também inclui: Mary Kingsley (2)

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(eng) Do not combine this author, who also uses the pen name Mary Kingsley, with the 19th century explorer Mary Henrietta Kingsley.


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Death on the Cliff Walk (1995) 61 cópias
No Honeymoon for Death (1995) 36 cópias
Sabrina (1989) 29 cópias
Masterpiece of Murder (1996) 25 cópias
The Reluctant Hero (2003) 22 cópias
Scandal's Lady (1994) 22 cópias
Marrying Miss Bumblebroth (2002) 22 cópias
In a Pirate's Arms (1996) 20 cópias
Wagered Hearts (2001) 19 cópias
A Maddening Minx (1992) 18 cópias
An Intriguing Affair (1993) 18 cópias
The Rake's Reward (1991) 18 cópias
A Summer Folly (1992) 15 cópias
A Gentleman's Desire (1991) 15 cópias
An Angel's Wish (2001) 14 cópias
Masquerade (1997) 12 cópias
Beyond the Sea (1999) 7 cópias
An Unsuitable Wife (2011) 5 cópias
Ein Wintermärchen 1 exemplar(es)
Gifts of the Heart (2011) 1 exemplar(es)
The Crystal Heart (2011) 1 exemplar(es)
Rogue's Charade (2015) 1 exemplar(es)
An Inconvenient Affair 1 exemplar(es)

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Outros nomes
Kingsley, Mary (pen name)
Locais de residência
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Pequena biografia
Mary Kruger ... is an avid knitter and lives in New Bedford, Massachusetts. [from Died in the Wool (2005)]. Here's the rest of the necessary biographical info, in case you're interested. I live in a New England seaside city rich with history, with my adored daughter and total boss Samantha. When I'm not writing, I love walking, needlecrafts of all kinds, good movies, and, of course, chocolate. Most of all, I love reading. Why else would I be a writer?
Aviso de desambiguação
Do not combine this author, who also uses the pen name Mary Kingsley, with the 19th century explorer Mary Henrietta Kingsley.



Although I did love the means of murder (a knitting needle), the characters werren’t very engaging. By the end of the novel, I still wasn’t sure who was whom. Not my favorite knitting mystery series!
DrApple | outras 6 resenhas | Sep 7, 2019 |
I like this series and the characters, unfortunately there's only two books. This time Ari is at knitting and yarn fair when the publisher of a knitting magazine stumbles into her and dies from a knitting needle stabbed into her back. Ari wants to play it safe and not be involved but she has knowledge that the police don't have and agrees to help with the investigation while starting a relationship with the detective, Josh and juggling her ex-husband's, friends and mother's questions about her private life.… (mais)
Kathy89 | outras 6 resenhas | Mar 22, 2016 |
Fun fast read. Women with a yarn shop goes to work and finds the body of a friend/customer on the floor. Enter eligible detective who takes an interest in her while she plays Nancy Drew. Everyone, including Ari's ex-husband the boring tax-lawyer, tells her that the cop got the "hots" for her but she insists that's not true. Meanwhile, Ari sizes up the suspects(who are all friends or customers) and not recognizing the danger.
Kathy89 | outras 11 resenhas | Mar 16, 2016 |
Edith Perry is found dead on the floor of Ariadne’s Web, a small yarn shop owned by Ariadne Evans. Diane’s homespun purple yarn is wrapped around her neck. Ariadne, who has been going through a divorce and worrying about her daughter, feels she must start investigating when she seems to be under the suspicion of detective Joshua Pierce. Or is she?

While a cute little cozy, this book was nothing special. I would have liked more engaging characters. I enjoyed the “talk” of yarn and sweater projects, but the patterns provided at the end were dull. The author admits that she is not a knitting designer and that shows.… (mais)
punxsygal | outras 11 resenhas | Jan 16, 2016 |

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