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Image credit: Bill Kristol at a political conference in Orlando, Florida.3 September 2011 Author Gage Skidmore

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An Inconvenient Truth [2006 documentary film] (2006) — Contribuinte, algumas edições240 cópias
The Best American Magazine Writing 2003 (2003) — Contribuinte — 71 cópias
The Best American Political Writing 2004 (2004) — Contribuinte — 41 cópias
Homosexuality and American Public Life (1999) — Introdução — 41 cópias
Essays on the Closing of the American Mind (1989) — Contribuinte — 24 cópias
Backward and Upward: The New Conservative Writing (1996) — Contribuinte — 24 cópias


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We read this book in an American Government class. It clearly explains the U.S. election process, electoral college, and the reasoning behind the system. It presents both viewpoints equally, and includes much of the Supreme Court's opinions on the case in the appendix.
masyukun | Jun 30, 2007 |

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