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Relish: My Life in the Kitchen (2013) — Autor; Ilustrador — 941 cópias
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Nome de batismo
Knisley, Lucy Louise
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
New York, New York, USA
Locais de residência
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rhinebeck, New York, USA
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Center for Cartoon Studies
Pequena biografia
Beginning with an love for Archie comics and Calvin and Hobbes, Lucy Knisley (pronounced "nigh-zlee") has always thought of cartooning as the only profession she is suited for. A New York City kid raised by a family of foodies, Lucy is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago currently pursuing an MFA at the Center for Cartoon Studies While completing her BFA at the School of the Art Institute, she was comics editor for the award-winning student publication F News Magazine.

Lucy currently resides in Vermont where she's working on comics among the pines. She likes books, sewing, bicycles, food you can eat with a spoon, manatees, nice pens, costumes, baking and Oscar Wilde. She occasionally has been known to wear amazing hats.



Relish: My Life In The Kitchenby LucyKnisley em What Are You Reading Now? (Maio 2023)


childrens graphic series(book 1) loosely based on author's life moving to farm in upstate New York, getting to know her potential step-dad and step-sisters and struggling with dyscalculia. Set during the summer season.

sweet start to a great series! Jen is easy to relate to and the content has loads of kid appeal.
reader1009 | outras 19 resenhas | May 28, 2024 |
Cheerful rhyming text describes a big, day-long group bike ride up and down a mountain from the point of view of a kid on their mom's bike: passing cars stuck in traffic, sharing water and snacks, waving to friends and strangers.
JennyArch | May 3, 2024 |
3.5–Cute food memoir in the form of a graphic novel. There are a couple of moments that aren’t for children, so it’s not a kids’ graphic novel, despite the friendly cartoon style.
jnoshields | outras 92 resenhas | Apr 10, 2024 |
I feel such kinship with Knisley, she wrote every word and included every fact I needed to hear. I’m going to reread the HELL out of this book if and when I plan on dealing with pregnancy. Also the recommendations in the back for futher reading/listening/snacking, YES PLEASE

And the inclusive language she uses is so well done and much appreciated

Reads a bit like Dancing at the Pity Party
boopingaround | outras 29 resenhas | Mar 6, 2024 |



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