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Alfred Kazin, a literary critic and professor of English literature, was born in Brooklyn on June 5, 1915. He was educated at City College and Columbia University. Kazin established his own critical reputation in the mid-1940s with On Native Grounds (1942), a study of American literature. His later mostrar mais work, Bright Book of American Life (1973), is both a recapitulation of modernism and an evaluation of American writers who have achieved prominence since 1945. Modernism, a favorite topic of Kazin, is in his view a literary revolution marked by spontaneity and individuality but lacking in precisely the mass culture appeal necessary to its survival. Contemporaries (1962) includes reflective essays on travel, five essays on Freud, and some very perceptive essays on literary and political matters. The final section, "The Critic's Task," concerns itself with the critic's function within a popular and an academic context and with critical theory and principles. Starting Out in the Thirties (1965) describes Kazin's early years with The New Republic as book reviewer and evaluates his contemporaries in a period when the depression and radical political thought, pro and con, deeply affected literary production. In the midst of the current antihumanistic trend in literary theory, Kazin remains a literary critic of the old school, believing in the relevance of literature to modern life. Alfred Kazin died on June 5, 1998. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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A Walker in the City (1952) 388 cópias
New York Jew (1978) 158 cópias
Writers at Work 03 (1967) 146 cópias
An American Procession (1984) 137 cópias
God and the American Writer (1997) 125 cópias
Writing Was Everything (1995) 75 cópias
Starting out in the thirties (1965) 67 cópias
Writer's America, A (1988) 61 cópias
Contemporaries (1961) 57 cópias
Emerson: A Modern Anthology (1958) — Editor — 38 cópias
Alfred Kazin's Journals (2011) 30 cópias
Our New York (1989) 16 cópias
The Open Street 2 cópias
An American Process 1 exemplar(es)
The Indispensable Blake 1 exemplar(es)
Theodore Dreiser 1 exemplar(es)

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This book is definitely in need of an editor. Kazin had an interesting life with many positive values, but he moves from time to time and topic to topic in no order. This took me months to read (I read better written books in between), and was so glad to finish it. And as positive as Kazin's values were, he also displayed much bigotry.
suesbooks | Feb 25, 2024 |
From another time and place, but still relevant for understanding NYC, Brooklyn and the immigrant experience in the early part of the 20th Century. History, commentary, almost a stream of consciousness.
Cantsaywhy | outras 5 resenhas | Aug 20, 2023 |
Hailed by people whose opinion I respect as one of the greatest of all memoirs; I'm not in a position to judge, since I probably haven't read as many as those who confidently make such pronouncements. But I'm glad they pointed me toward this; it is very, very good.
HenrySt123 | outras 5 resenhas | Jul 19, 2021 |
I didn't exactly enjoy "A Walker in the City" but I'm glad that it exists. If nothing else, it effectively preserves the author's memories of growing up in the poor Jewish section of Brownsville, Brooklyn in the twenties and thirties, and that's not nothing. Kazin writes both vividly and sentimentally, if not particularly economically, and the book might be called, in a narrow way, a success. Readers interested in the works of say, Mailer, Roth and Bellow might find something of interest here, although it should be noted that Kazin seems to have grown up significantly poorer than most of their characters -- middle-class Jews lived about a neighborhood away from his family. Kazin's a bit unlike them in temperament, too, resembling -- as another reviewer has noted -- nobody so much as the shy, sensitive narrator of Henry Roth's "Call It Sleep." This, and the highly constricted artistic elitism that Kazin grows into as a teenager may not endear him to every reader. Nor will his penchant for nostalgia, which seems to have formed early -- many of these walks around New York were made while looking for the vanished, grimy, gas-lit New York of an earlier era. In truth, "A Walker in the City" works best as a collection of lovely images and sentences. There's a bit of Joycean rapture here, but little narrative push. Still, I hardly minded, even though the book put me to sleep on more than one occasion. Certain audiences, though, may really like this one more than I did.… (mais)
TheAmpersand | outras 5 resenhas | Jul 10, 2021 |



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