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Jan Karon was born in North Carolina in 1937. After a career in advertising, she began writing a column in the Blowing Rocket. The column, about life in the small North Carolina town of Mitford, centered around an Episcopalian minister named Father Tim. Her Father Tim stories were collected into a mostrar mais book and published by a Christian publisher. She is the author of A Mitford Novel series and two children's books entitled Miss Fannie's Hat and Jeremy: The Tale of an Honest Bunny. She has won numerous awards for her work including the Christy Award for A New Song and the Gold Medallion Award for A New Song, A Common Life, In This Mountain, and Shepards Abiding. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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At Home in Mitford (1994) 5,646 cópias
A Light in the Window (1996) 3,935 cópias
These High, Green Hills (1995) 3,653 cópias
A New Song (1999) 3,486 cópias
Out to Canaan (1997) 3,400 cópias
In This Mountain (2002) 2,936 cópias
Shepherds Abiding (2003) 2,920 cópias
A Common Life (2001) 2,911 cópias
Light from Heaven (2005) 2,799 cópias
Home to Holly Springs (2007) 2,225 cópias
In the Company of Others (2010) 1,435 cópias
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (2014) 1,174 cópias
Come Rain or Come Shine (2015) 951 cópias
To Be Where You Are (2017) 658 cópias
Miss Fannie's Hat (1826) 471 cópias
Violet Comes to Stay (2006) 265 cópias
The Mitford Years (Books 1-3) (1996) 139 cópias
Violet Goes to the Country (2007) 123 cópias
Jan Karon Story Hour (2005) 12 cópias
The Mitford Years (Books 5-8) (2003) 1 exemplar(es)
come rain on come shine 1 exemplar(es)
Mitford Snowman 1 exemplar(es)
De groene heuvels roman (2018) 1 exemplar(es)
Out of Canaan #4 1 exemplar(es)
A Common Life #6 1 exemplar(es)
Ester's Gift 1 exemplar(es)
Come Rain or Come Shinne 1 exemplar(es)
The Mitford Years (Books 3-4, 7-8) (1995) 1 exemplar(es)
The Mitford Years (Books 10 & 11) (2010) 1 exemplar(es)
The Mitford Years (Books 4-5, 7) — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)
The Mitford Years (Books 8 & 11) (2010) 1 exemplar(es)
The Mitford Years (Books 1, 2-8) (2003) 1 exemplar(es)

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A little too sappy, but still enjoyable.Goodreads Readers of the nine bestselling Mitford novels have been captivated by Jan Karon's gift for illuminating the struggles that creep into everyday lives along with a vividly imagined world (People). They learned quickly that after you've spent time in Mitford, you'll want to come back (Chicago Tribune). Millions eagerly awaited the publication of each novel, relishing the story of the bookish and bighearted Episcopal priest and the extraordinary fullness of his seemingly ordinary life. Now, Jan Karon enchants us with the story of the newly retired priest's spur-of-the-moment adventure. For the first time in decades, Father Tim returns to his birthplace, Holly Springs, Mississippi, in response to a mysterious, unsigned note saying simply: Come home. Little does he know how much these two words will change his life. A story of long-buried secrets, forgiveness, and the wonder of discovering new people, places, and depth of feeling, Home to Holly Springs will enthrall new readers and longtime fans alike. (less)… (mais)
bentstoker | outras 61 resenhas | Jan 26, 2024 |
Book Page Preparing to become a vicar to a rural church closed for nearly 40 years, Father Timothy Kavanagh considers the challenges ahead: "He would still wear his collar and vestments; he would still celebrate the liturgy and perform all the other offices of a priest. So indeed, hardly anything would change." Then he thinks, "And so what if things did change."Father Tim could easily be speaking to Jan Karon's enormous readership: things will indeed change this is the last Mitford novel.Karon has been preparing us for this farewell for some time. She began weaning readers from the little North Carolina town with 2000's A New Song, when Father Tim and his writer-artist wife Cynthia moved to Whitecap Island, where he served as interim priest for a year. Much of Light from Heaven takes place outside of Mitford as well, either on Meadowgate Farm, where the couple are staying for a year, or in the new church and parish of Holy Trinity, which includes a wide range of vivid characters. There's loquacious five-year-old Sissie; Jubal Adderholt and his squirrel-tail decorated home; Clarence, a gifted (and deaf) woodworker; and his mother Agnes, an Episcopal deacon. Still, Mitford is not far away, and Father Tim takes us on regular trips there.Father Tim also struggles with the question of when to tell Dooley about his inheritance from Miss Sadie, looks for some money Louella has just remembered that Miss Sadie hid in a car, and engages in e-mail correspondence with former secretary Emma about her forthcoming trip to England. We meet the numerous and multitalented Flower Girls; there's a poacher on the farm. Two deaths occur in Mitford (one of which inspires the townspeople to take on an engaging new habit), as well as a wedding. Life and change go on.So where do we go from here? Wherever Jan Karon takes us next, we can be sure it will be worth the trip . . . and the wait. Joanne Collings writes from Washington, D.C.… (mais)
bentstoker | outras 31 resenhas | Jan 26, 2024 |
In This Mountain finds Father Tim and Cynthia again living in Mitford, following their stint on Whitecap Island a couple of years ago. In the little town that's become America's favorite home-away-from-home, life hums along. Dooley looks toward his career as a vet. Joe Ivey and Fancy Skinner fight a haircut price war that takes no prisoners. Percy steps out on a limb with a risky new menu item at the Grill. Uncle Billy feels new pressure to produce a sure-fire joke, and the Man in the Attic returns to Mitford as the town holds its breath to see what happens.Though Father Tim dislikes change, he dislikes retirement even more. His wife wins awards, receives bouquets, gets invited to tour the country. What's he doing? Staring at a blank page in a proposed book of essays, waging a losing battle against moles, and filling an occasional pulpit. Thus, when he decides to take on a unique and difficult ministry, he feels newly energized. He even begins to think he likes change--until an unexpected event propels him on a painful journey that shakes his faith, his marriage, and the whole town of Mitford.Once again, Jan Karon proves she's "a writer who reflects contemporary culture more fully than almost any living novelist" (Los Angeles Times). As always, she transports us with characters who step off the page and into our hearts, and cheers us with her great sense of fun and magnificent storytelling.By the last page of In This Mountain, you may have become so absorbed you'll have missed the sound of the timer going off-again. So, come home to Mitford. And treat yourself to a rare commodity in this world: Complete satisfaction.… (mais)
bentstoker | outras 35 resenhas | Jan 26, 2024 |



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