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A lyrical fantasy set in a world that has the richness of folklore and the mystic symbolism of dreams. There are, in fact, worlds within worlds and dreams within dreams. A man with a family heirloom, an ancient spear, dreams of the Inverted Theater of the Moon and Water that his lola told him about in her stories of the Old Country. And in his dream theater, the story of his ancestors and the spear is played out. In this dream play, Keema of the Daware Tribe makes an oath to deliver a spear across the country and finds himself accompanying a warrior, the grandson of the despotic Eighth Emperor, as he helps the Moon goddess escape the emperor’s prison. They encounter a lot of cruelty, sadism, and violence along this quest, but also a quiet yearning for love and beauty. There are plenty of greedy, selfish, and wicked people, but also ordinary people just trying to get by, and one or two kind or noble people. It is beautiful, both an epic quest and an intimate personal story.

The art on the cover and endsheets of the hardcover is lovely, and even the acknowledgments at the end were sweet and fitting.
… (mais)
Charon07 | outras 5 resenhas | Mar 2, 2024 |
This book was difficult to get into and to read, mostly due to the style of writing, but it was novel and had a good story overall. Many of the characters seemed a bit thin.
danielskatz | outras 5 resenhas | Feb 5, 2024 |
postsign | outras 30 resenhas | Dec 28, 2023 |
Book club pick ;)

Gorgeous writing that slowly drowns in plot and character issues.

Let me elaborate.

The first chapter is full of magic of words. There is a life well lived, a life of love and loss, of longing and dreams. “This is going to be a wonderful book,” I thought.

Then the tone changed, and I was on a spaceship full of broken people with broken things in their past. I liked how the relationship between Nia and the boy developed, “…drawing out the moment when she would throw open the hatch, delighting in the fact that on the other side was a person who could not wait to see her.” I did not quite believe in Nia as a captain of a starship – not with the relationships she has with some of her crew, the unhealthy friendships. It seems to me that the unhealthy friendship was there simply so that the author could write a strong emotional scene a couple of chapters later – and then that character was just gone, never to be seen again. But why?

Next chapter: Enter Fumiko, the crazy genius with poor people skills and a great backstory. All well and good, but in these first few chapters it feels like the author lets you fall in love with a chapter universe, and then dumps you rather rudely into another one.

I enjoyed the different POV’s once the stakes became clear. Unfortunately, I found Debby’s journey mostly uninteresting, there were just a few great scenes and conversations that moved me. Found family is a wonderful thing, but I didn’t see it happening – we are just told that it happened. This sort of thing annoys me ;)

The last third of the book is rushed. The plot stutters and rambles, things are left hanging, and some of them are just there for the drama. Evil corporation is doing horrific things that have no logic to them. Because they are eeeeevil, don’t you know?

How can a stranded starship have enough food for four months and one month of air? Let’s have some suffocating drama, that’s how. Then there is the poor, poor traitor feeling oh so guilty – but could you please tell me what’s the point of a betrayal if the one you really wanted to betray might never find out that it was you or why you did it? Gaaah. The traitor wants redemption, but naturally, there is none, in a rather anticlimactic manner. But whyyyy? The writing is beautiful throughout, though.

One of the things that annoyed me the most was that the eeeeevil corporation that has existed for thousands of years has not heard of cloning or molecular biology in general. I would like to state that even in our day and age there would have been no need for the cannibalistic stuff the eeeeevil corporation did. I know, I know they are eeeevil, that’s why. (*My eye is beginning to twitch.*)

The very long ending felt like a combination of fantasy, acid trip and deus ex machina. (I have so many questions about the latter…)

What a long rant, lol. I do feel that this author is talented and I am slightly curious about his second novel. Maybe there will be fewer plot issues there? Perhaps I will find out…
… (mais)
Alexandra_book_life | outras 30 resenhas | Dec 15, 2023 |



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