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Paulette Jiles is a poet, memoirist, and novelist, born in 1943, and based in San Antonio, Texas. She is the author of a memoir entitled, Cousins. Her novels include Enemy Woman, Stormy Weather, The Color of Lightning, Lighthouse Island, and News of the World. (Bowker Author Biography)

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News of the World (2016) 2,913 cópias
Enemy Women (2002) 1,076 cópias
Simon the Fiddler (2020) 468 cópias
The Color of Lightning (2009) 444 cópias
Stormy Weather (2007) 415 cópias
Lighthouse Island (2013) 166 cópias
News of the World [2020 film] (2020) — Autor — 92 cópias
Cousins (1992) 16 cópias
Blackwater (1988) 9 cópias
Song to the Rising Sun (1989) 7 cópias
Celestial Navigation (1984) 7 cópias
The Jesse James poems (1988) 6 cópias

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Bad Trips (1991) — Contribuinte — 233 cópias


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Believe the hype! A total balm for the soul. Beautiful writing and a story line that will stay with me for a long time. One of my favorite novels of 2016.
jj24 | outras 224 resenhas | May 27, 2024 |
Simon Bouldin was a minor character in Paulette Jiles' earlier book, News of the World. Still set in Texas, this one takes place five years earlier, at the end of the Civil War. A fiddler from Kentucky, Simon is ultimately conscripted into the Confederate army and serves in its regimental band - and in a post-surrender rel="nofollow" target="_top">battle near Brownsville.

Afterwards, he and other musicians are compelled to play at a party thrown by the battle's instigator, Union Colonel Webb. At the event, Simon sees Dorris Dillon, an Irish indentured servant serving as governess to Webb's daughter, and falls instantly in love. She has to go to San Antonio with Webb's family, and Simon eventually follows - but not until he travels to Galveston, Houston, and into the Nueces Strip (near Corpus Christi), along with some other memorable musicians.

I really enjoyed the characters and plot of this novel - but even more so, the portrayal of places I know so well (grew up in Houston, spent lots of time in nearby Galveston, lived in San Antonio and Corpus Christi) as they were after the Civil War.… (mais)
riofriotex | outras 66 resenhas | May 9, 2024 |
(Print: October 4, 2016;978-0062409201; William Morrow; 224 pages)
*Audio: 8/25/2020; 9780063041554; HarperAudio; duration 06:42:05 (6 parts); Unabridged.
(Digital: Yes)
(Film: Yes).


CHARACTERS: (Not comprehensive)
Jefferson Kyle Kidd - Septarian News reader
Johanna - Ten year old child who has adapted to the ways of her Indian captors and does not seem to remember any other life.

How I picked it: Recommended by my fellow audiobook fan and long-time friend, Cindy Huffman.
What it’s about: AN aging gentleman who travels about northern Texas reading the World News to communities for a living, who is approached with a request to deliver a (cantankerous) freed captive orphan girl to her family for a fee.
What I thought: Great, moving story with interesting characters and plot.

Paulette Jiles:
“Paulette Jiles (aka Paulette K. Jiles, Paulette Jiles-Johnson) (born 4 April 1943) is an American poet, memoirist, and novelist.” __Wikipedia

Grover Gardner:
“Grover Gardner (b 1956)[1] is an American narrator of audiobooks. As of May 2018, he has narrated over 1,200 books.[2] He was the Publishers Weekly "Audiobook Narrator of the Year" (2005) and is among AudioFile magazine's "Best Voices of the Century".[2]” __ Wikipedia

Grover does an excellent narration!

Fiction; Literature; Western; Historical Fiction


Post American Civil War

World News; Indians; Children kidnapped by Indians; family reunion; bonding; adjusting; poverty

For friends on long trails: Susan, June, April, Nancy, Caroline, Wanda, Evelyn, and Rita Wightman Whippet

From Chapter 1
“Captain Kidd thought it was going to be about the Fifteenth Amendment but it was not.
Yes sir, Captain Kidd, would you come with me? Britt straightened and lifted his hat to his head and so did Dennis and Paint. Britt said, I got a problem in my wagon.
She seemed to be about ten years old, dressed in the horse Indians’ manner in a deerskin shift with four rows of elk teeth sewn across the front. A thick blanket was pulled over her shoulders. Her hair was the color of maple sugar and in it she wore two down puffs bound onto a lock of her hair by their minute spines and also bound with a thin thread was a wing-feather from a golden eagle slanting between them. She sat perfectly composed, wearing the feather and a necklace of glass beads as if they were costly adornments. Her eyes were blue and her skin that odd bright color that occurs when fair skin has been burned and weathered by the sun. She had no more expression than an egg.
I see, said Captain Kidd. I see.
He had his black coat collar turned up against the rain and the cold and a thick wool muffler around his neck. His breath moved out of his nose in clouds. He bit his lower lip on the left side and thought about what he was looking at in the light of the kerosene hurricane lantern Britt held up. In some strange way it made his skin crawl.
I am astonished, he said. The child seems artificial as well as malign.
Britt had backed one of his wagons under the roof of the fairway at the livery stable. It didn’t fit all the way in. The front half of the wagon and the driver’s seat was wild with the drumming noise of the rain and a bright lift of rain-spray surrounded it. The back end was under shelter and they all stood there and regarded the girl the way people do when they come upon something strange they have caught in a trap, something alien whose taxonomy is utterly unknown and probably dangerous. The girl sat on a bale of Army shirts. In the light of the lantern her eyes reflected a thin and glassy blue. She watched them, she watched every movement, every lift of a hand. Her eyes moved but her head was still."

4 stars.

6/10/22 - 6/19/22
… (mais)
TraSea | outras 224 resenhas | Apr 29, 2024 |
Severely injured in an explosion, John Chenneville spends the last year of the American Civil War recovering in a military hospital. When he returns to his family home in Missouri, he learns that his sister and her family were brutally murdered and the crime was covered up by local officials. Chenneville gleans enough information from local sources to identify the killer, and vows revenge. After several months rebuilding the physical strength and mental acuity lost in the explosion, Chenneville sets out on his journey, following clues that will take him deep into Texas’ rural Indian territory and eventually to the Gulf coast. It’s a solitary and dangerous pursuit; some areas are under martial law and others are barely governed at all. But as with most journeys, by the time Chenneville reached the end of his search he had discovered a great deal about himself and found hope in the midst of great loss.

As with Paulette Jiles’ previous books, the history and landscape are brought to life. John Chenneville is a great character, developed more fully than those in the earlier books, which adds depth to this novel. Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction.
… (mais)
1 vote
lauralkeet | outras 17 resenhas | Mar 27, 2024 |



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