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Lee Jackson (2) (1971–)

Autor(a) de Dirty Old London: The Victorian Fight Against Filth

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The Journal of a Disappointed Man (1919) — Prefácio, algumas edições235 cópias


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Wonderful characters. Superb setting. However the plot was a little predictable
harishwriter | 1 outra resenha | Oct 12, 2023 |
Ugh. How'd you like to live in London in the 18th, 19th century? London grew so fast in population that its filth got out of hand before humans were willing or able to do something about it. Poor people lived extremely crowded, horribly filthy lives, living cheek by jowl alongside masses of sewage and slops. Horse dung and human feces and urine coated the streets. Factory smokestacks, slaughterhouses, leatherwork, dirt yards, coal fires in every poor hovel to the upper classes multiple fireplaces in their homes choked the air with miasmatic pollution. Poor people with little money for properly burying deceased members of their families would find that the corpses would be chopped up and burnt so the churchyard could resell the coffins. It makes you wonder how far London and other megalopolises will explode
with the cockroach-like humans before capitalists and the religious right will allow something to be done about irresponsible breeding. This book makes you squirmy while reading it, but is endlessly, morbidly fascinating.
… (mais)
burritapal | outras 5 resenhas | Oct 23, 2022 |
One fine day I came upon a series of books called "Silent in the.." by an author named Deanna Raybourn.Great! I thought an historical fiction with a female sleuth to boot.This can not be bad in any way.
...Well it was so-so.

I gave up my hopes for finding a good Victorian Era Lady Sleuth Book

Until I found "A most dangerous woman" by LM Jackson

It all starts when a mysterious woman called Sarah Tanner opens up a coffee house in a seedy street in Leather Lane,London.

No one knows where she comes from but her new neigbours all agree that she is bound to have a dark and mysterious PAST(thats in capital letters folks)

Not soon after she is recognized by an old friend,who hardly makes it out of the door before he is murdered.But why? Sarah decides to set out and discover the truth.

Even if it means she has to face old foes and other dickensian London obstacles.Like a Victorian female crime boss that goes by the name of "Her Majesty and her henchman,the suave and violent Symes and many other villains from the London underworld.

I was hooked.

Sarah Tanner is a bit unconventional,but she feels real within the era that she lives in.And while she isnt from exactly upper class or working class she knows how to act both downstairs and upstairs.The other characters both villains supporting character feels real and substantial.

The mystery is quite good and well thought out,as I didnt figure out who was the culprit until the protagonist did and even then youre in for some twists and turns in the plot.

Its a historical fiction,with a mystery and a heroine with a backbone that isnt a Mary Sue .Whats not to like?

I am quite sad that there probably wont be a third book in the series as the second book raises some question about the future for the main character. I even asked the author about it.

Just finished "The mesmerists apprentice"...
and I found it very enjoyable.Was a bit disappointed though that it didnt feature "her Majesty" or Symes.I thought their affairs with Sarah werent quite finished.

I would also like to find out more of Sarahs past Perhaps in a future book?

"Glad you enjoyed Mesmerist's ... always nice to know some people are actually reading my books! My plans for the next Sarah Tanner book definitely feature Symes and Her Majesty, and at least one crucial event from her past ... check back with me in 12 months or so ...!

In fact, I confess, Sarah Tanner's UK future hangs on a publishing knife-edge at present ... however, my books are doing well in France (merci, mes amis!) which makes another ST book more likely, even it's retrospectively published 'on-demand' by me, from the French edition (!). best wishes, Lee (ps. see my other books published as "Lee Jackson

"Vive le french!^^ Its too bad to hear..But I hope things picks up

This was in 2008..
… (mais)
Litrvixen | outras 3 resenhas | Jun 23, 2022 |
On the whole, I was both entertained and informed with this book, as the author walks you through the rise of commercial entertainment in Victorian England; much of this being wrapped up with varying degrees of handwringing over how much independent space adult women were to be granted. Also, while Jackson apparently started this book mostly concerned about the roots of "gin palace" (aka the modern bar) and music halls, the most interesting portions to me dealt with the rise of what you might call theme parks, at the conjunction where "pleasure gardens" and exhibition complexes (epitomized by the Crystal Palace) met, and the business juggling needed to keep them going. To be honest, the portion dealing with the rise of football/soccer as a pro endeavor felt a little throwaway for me; the tie-in being that a lot of the early big matches took place on exhibition grounds.… (mais)
Shrike58 | Jan 19, 2022 |


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