Donald Jackson (desambiguação)

"Donald Jackson" é composto por pelo menos 3 autores distintos, separados pelas suas obras.

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Donald Jackson (2)

Voyages of the steamboat Yellow Stone (1985) — Posfácio — 35 cópias
A Year at Monticello, 1795 (1989) — Autor — 17 cópias
AMONG SLEEPING GIANTS (1987) 11 cópias

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Aviso de desambiguação
1- Donald JACKSON (1938- ), UK distinguished calligrapher, Director of "the handwritten Saint John's Bible"

2- Donald [Dean] JACKSON (1919-1987), US historian, primarily of the American West, Author of ""

3- Donald JACKSON (1895- ), US historian, Author of "Religious concepts in ancient America and in the Holy Land : as illustrated by the Sacred book of the Quiché Mayans and by the Bible : quotes, notes, and notions"