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James C. Humes, White House speechwriter for Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, George H.W Bush, and Reagan, has practiced the art of public speaking as an attorney lecturer, diplomat, and Pennsylvania state legislator. The author of thirty-eight books, Humes wrote the Pulitzer-nominated biography Churchill mostrar mais Speaker of the Century, which won an Athenaeum of Philadelphia Literary Award-Other Humes titles include Churchill, The Prophetic Statesman: Target Churchill (with Warren Adler); Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln: 21 Powerful Secrets of History's Greatest Speakers: The Reagan Persuasion: Charm, Deliver and Inspire a Winning Message; My Fellow Americans: Presidential Addresses That Shaped History; and Confessions of a White House Ghostwriter: Five Presidents mid Other Political Adventures. Currently a Fellow at the University of Colorado, Humes has shared his expertise on American government as guest lecturer at more than thirty universities in Asia and Latin America, on behalf of the U.S. State Department. mostrar menos

Obras de James C. Humes

The Wit & Wisdom of Winston Churchill (1994) 212 cópias, 1 resenha
The Wit & Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln (1996) — Editor — 207 cópias, 3 resenhas
Nixon's Ten Commandments of Statecraft (1997) 58 cópias, 2 resenhas
Podium Humor (1975) 56 cópias, 1 resenha
Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman (2012) 53 cópias, 1 resenha
The Wit & Wisdom of FDR (2008) 8 cópias
Presidents and their pens (2016) 4 cópias
Talk Your Way to the Top (1980) 3 cópias
Roles speakers play (1976) 2 cópias


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Nome de batismo
Humes, James Calhoun
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
United States of America
Local de nascimento
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA
Local de falecimento
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Causa da morte
heart infection
Locais de residência
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
emeritus professor of language and leadership at Colorado State University-Pueblo
Pequena biografia
James C. Humes is a former speechwriter for Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.



Old school book, but many practical gems. Never opening mouth while looking down, pausing intentionally, opening strongly. The obvious emphasized. May inspire me to take some speaking classes.
bsmashers | outras 2 resenhas | Aug 1, 2020 |
Probably the same book as
"The language of leadership : Sir Winston Churchill's five secrets of public speaking and leadership"
GeoffSC | 1 outra resenha | Jul 25, 2020 |
A very selective group of quotes and anecdotes about the 16th president; every quote appeared to be selected to support the political view of the author, who also included a lot of anecdotes about the late president that he collected entirely from secondary sources; his bibliography does not list a single primary source, which probably explains some of the anecdotes, almost certainly apocryphal. There is very little reason to believe that many of these anecdotes are true; they are the legends that spring up around great men, and some of them are in the "too good to be true" category. Also present are the "too strange to be true" and, interestingly, "too banal to be true". The quotes contain some good stuff, but also some questionable things that seem to have sprung up later and been attributed to Lincoln. The anecdotes are focused mostly on asserting the true extent of his conservative values, demonstrating him as an evangelical Christian (highly doubtful) and establishing him as a mystic, or perhaps a better word would be psychic, which showed in the collection of anecdotes rather than in any of the commentary by the author himself. In short, it falls very short of the solid, objective work it pretends to be.… (mais)
Devil_llama | outras 2 resenhas | Aug 22, 2017 |
I felt I needed a distracting read that didn't take too much brainpower and this certainly fit the bill. Mr. Humes has a lengthy CV, but is a tad myopic in his adorations...the "Great Communicator" {snort} Reagan (Humes wrote for him, Eisenhower, Nixon, ...), but more Churchill (Humes authored a biography...) than anything. Count half of this as having value, less for experienced speakers, slightly more for inexperienced. A few nuggets are good advice, but most of this is just extraneous stories to fluff out his list.… (mais)
Razinha | outras 2 resenhas | May 23, 2017 |

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