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The Vampire Bunny (2004) 532 cópias
The Portland Edge: Challenges And Successes In Growing Communities (2004) — Contribuinte, algumas edições19 cópias
Bunnicula: Season 1 — Original book — 2 cópias


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Boston University
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Howe, James (husband)



The Monroes go to the movies and find a bunny on one of their seats. They take him home where, according to Chester the cat, weird things are happening. White vegetables are appearing in the kitchen and fridge. He suspects the rabbit has something to do with it. But does he? Is Chester making mountains out of molehills?

I enjoyed this story. It was funny. Chester is a hoot. Harold the dog, of course, is the one telling the story so, of course, he is the voice of reason. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe are at a loss about the white vegetables. I loved when they decide Chester needs help and get it for him. I laughed out loud through this book. Your kids will, too.

I want to read more of Bunnicula's adventures.
… (mais)
Sheila1957 | outras 157 resenhas | Sep 23, 2023 |
Back in the day, Bunnicula was THE book to read in elementary school. The class clambered to the front of the classroom to sit in our little circle and have story time. This book turned us all into little book loving zombies and we were desperate for more. Unfortunately, our school and teachers were only ever able to get the first book, but that didn't deter us. We all had it memorized by the end of the day.

Fast forward to 2020. I see this book in a local used bookstore and I decide, "Hey, why not read it again and see if it holds up?" I can see this book for what it is - an absolute delightful middle grade novel that introduces fun horror to youthful eyes. As an adult, it didn't hold up for me but I still have a special place in my heart for it. Who doesn't love Bunnicula? Seriously.

Vampire Bunnies. It's such a unique idea and I LOVE it. This book sits with Goosebumps on my happy, little, Halloween-loving shelf. This bunny goes and drains vegetables, because obviously it was owned by Dracula! It's a fun concept and super silly! It's definitely a book I would recommend for parents and educators. Get your little readers into a spooky, Halloween spirit with this little gem!

As an adult, it feels like a funny SNL skit. It's not scary to us because we know it's fiction but to little kids it's a potential nightmare (in a good way, it's not THAT scary). The anticipation as a child was not there as an adult, but I can still appreciate how wonderfully written this book is. It's short and sweet but packed full of story!

Also, surprise ending! I forgot how this book ended so I was pleasantly surprised!

The only negative I had with this book was some of the adult references: classic books, taxes, etc. Kids might not understand these terms, but if they have a great adult reader helping them along, it might be a good educational opportunity, I guess.

Overall, this book is a childhood fave of mine that I would still highly recommend! It's so nostalgic for me and I truly miss the whimsical nature of reading these books!

Four out of five stars.
… (mais)
Briars_Reviews | outras 157 resenhas | Aug 4, 2023 |
A fun story, told by a dog, about a cat, a bunny and his human family. Scary? Only momentarily unsettling, but soon replaced by humor. I would read it to any child familiar with the Dracula tale, or vampires. Or perhaps it would be a good lead in to explaining those to a child, if you want to.

The little biography at the end was moving and heart-felt. A touching tribute to Deborah Howe.
MrsLee | outras 157 resenhas | Jan 1, 2023 |



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