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Fridge Love by Kirsten Hong

This book took me on a journey. It reminded me of days when we did not have electricity and would freeze ice blocks to put in the fridge, of going through containers trying to find the “safe” ones, of trying to cook for a vegetarian daughter and a carnivore son, of trying to find ways to store all the produce from our garden and still find it in the fridge, and it reminded me of my personal journey to a healthier lifestyle although I did not follow the one this author chose for herself.

The book does a deep dive into the history of refrigerators, discusses the mechanics that they are based on, which part of the refrigerator is coldest, the types of refrigerators and how they vary, where to put different types of foods, storage container pros and cons, cleaning of the refrigerator – how often and how to do it, etc.

There is a section on how to deal with produce from washing to preparing to storing of it that would be handy till one knew all the ins and outs of all the produce they were likely to put into their refridgerator

The recipes were simple but tasty sounding and as a predominately plant based cook I always am on the lookout for recipes to try…there were a few in this book that I might be tempted by…if I am able to find the ingredients here in Lebanon.

The photographs were gorgeous and made me wish I had access to all of the containers in perfect sized with matching covers…don’t see that happening any time soon but it is nice to dream.

I admire the effort put into this book, the information shared, and the sincerity behind the author’s writing. I know how difficult it can be to create meals daily for four people and not have them all on the same dietary program.

I would actually like to have a hard copy of this book in my kitchen to look through and to cook from because I much prefer hardcopy cookbooks to the ebook version.

I believe there is information that is valuable in the book but it is definitely geared more for the whole food plant-based whole food cook and perhaps for those earlier in their cooking history. This is not just a food organization book or a cookbook but a bit of both with personal anecdotes and a lot about how refrigerators work.

Thank you to NetGalley and Mariner Books for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4 Stars
CathyGeha | Jan 31, 2022 |