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Paddy Hirsch is a senior producer at American Public Media's business radio program, Marketplace. He is the creator of the acclaimed and popular Marketplace Whiteboard, which was a Webby honoree in 2009, and has been featured on network and public broadcast television. He recently completed a mostrar mais Knight Fellowship in Journalism at Stanford University. Hirsch lives in Los Angeles, California. mostrar menos


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A mystery set in New York City just after the Civil War, this book features a young Irish protagonist trying to solve his father's murder. The historical setting and vivid characters make this a memorable book.
DrApple | outras 4 resenhas | Nov 14, 2023 |
The Devil’s Half Mile by Paddy Hirsch is historical criminal fiction taking place in the early days of New York City. Stupendously researched. Any book that mentions Alexander Hamilton and the Panic of 1792 can’t go wrong. Throw in an interracial love story and you have the makings of a treasured literary experience.
GordonPrescottWiener | outras 4 resenhas | Aug 24, 2023 |
The Devil's Half Mile is a historical novel about Wall Street and New York City in the late 18th Century. Justice Flanagan has just returned to New York from Dublin where he was sent to get an education. He believes that his father who was found hanged in his house after the Panic of 1792 was murdered and did not kill himself. Other characters include Bull Flanagan, Justy's cousin Kerry who is half Irish and half Black and a few real historical figures including Alexander Hamilton also appear. This story was touched on interesting times and events but it dragged at times. This is the author's first novel, I will wait and see if there is another.… (mais)
MMc009 | outras 4 resenhas | Jan 30, 2022 |
Seven years after a financial crisis nearly toppled America, traders chafe at government regulations, racial tensions are rising, gangs roam the streets and corrupt financiers make back-door deals with politicians... 1799 was a hell of a year.
Thanks to Alexander Hamilton, America has recovered from the panic on the Devil's Half Mile (aka Wall Street), but the young country is still finding its way. When young lawyer Justy Flanagan returns to solve his father's murder, he exposes a massive fraud that has already claimed lives, and one the perpetrators are determined to keep secret at any cost. The body count is rising, and the looming crisis could topple the nation.… (mais)
Gmomaj | outras 4 resenhas | Nov 1, 2019 |


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