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20th Century
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Savannah, Georgia, USA
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Savannah, Georgia, USA
Charleston, South Carolina, USA



Although I thoroughly enjoyed Henderson's debut novel, "The Year of the Witching", this new book just totally missed the mark for me. Despite an intriguing premise, "House of Hunger" is bogged down by a slow beginning and characters who are simply not given enough time to develop properly or be fleshed out. Even the main characters are barely given more than a couple personality traits to distinguish them, let alone the main relationship between Marion and Lisavet; it goes from 0 - 100% in a mere matter of pages with hardly any real interactions between them. There is absolutely NO buildup in their relationship so everything between them felt unearned and dry. I felt like up until around page 220 (of this 288 page book) I was just rereading the same thing over and over again but with different synonyms thrown in.… (mais)
deborahee | outras 16 resenhas | Feb 23, 2024 |
4.5 happily rounded up. A wonderfully witchy, feminist, and intriguing read to kick off the fall season. I just loved the emotion and rage throughout the whole story! It was nicely fleshed out and well written, and I look forwards to what Henderson does next.
deborahee | outras 33 resenhas | Feb 23, 2024 |
Holy cow, this book was riveting.
A sapphic retelling of the legend of Elizabeth Bathory with a nod to Dracula and his brides as well.

While some of the concepts like "blood fuel" and "blood wine" confused me in terms of how they would chemically work, I think they were meant to be more of a metaphorical concept of how industry and empire run on the exploitation of life.

The descriptions of the food, architecture, and Dionysian delights were scrumptious and provided an interesting foil to the more ghastly and disturbing details, much like the dank and moldy labyrinth underneath Lisabet's estate. The pacing was good and didn't feel too long or too short. I can't remember the last book that was so effortlessly enjoyable for me to read as this one, I practically devoured it in only a few days! I appreciated the diverse perspectives and think the character development was great as well.

I just wish I knew what happened to the girls at the end of the book after they board that night train. Do they succeed at toppling the horrifying blood maid and blood-based nobility system or at least manage to find some happiness, healing, and safety on their own? Since this book is a horror story, I would like to think the reason it ended so abruptly is that the horrors ended for them after that night.
… (mais)
nessie_arduin | outras 16 resenhas | Feb 1, 2024 |
This was a fun book to read. It also calls out the patriarchy in the most beautiful way. I actually ended up really loving the message, it hit me at a point when I was getting bored and then BAM I was hooked again
ChaoticGoblin | outras 33 resenhas | Jan 23, 2024 |



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