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Santa's on His Way (Anthology 4-in-1) (2018) — Autor — 72 cópias, 3 resenhas
Bride by Mistake (2015) 45 cópias, 7 resenhas
Cowboy SEAL Homecoming (2018) 30 cópias, 8 resenhas
True-Blue Cowboy Christmas (2016) 28 cópias, 3 resenhas
Rebel Cowboy (2016) 24 cópias, 4 resenhas
A Good Old-Fashioned Cowboy (2021) — Autor — 23 cópias
A Cowboy for All Seasons (2020) — Autor — 20 cópias, 2 resenhas
Cowboy SEAL Christmas (2018) 19 cópias, 3 resenhas
Cowboy SEAL Redemption (2018) 18 cópias, 3 resenhas
Need You Now (2017) 18 cópias, 1 resenha
Homecoming for the Cowboy (2019) 16 cópias, 7 resenhas
All I Have (2014) 16 cópias, 1 resenha
Keep Me, Cowboy (2015) 16 cópias, 1 resenha
Outlaw Cowboy (2016) 16 cópias, 1 resenha
Bride for Keeps (2018) 16 cópias, 6 resenhas
Mess with Me (2017) 15 cópias, 1 resenha
All I Am (2016) 15 cópias
Hunting a Killer (2021) 14 cópias, 1 resenha
Wyoming Cowboy Protection (2018) 13 cópias, 2 resenhas
Stone Cold Texas Ranger (2016) 13 cópias, 1 resenha
Wyoming Christmas Ransom (2018) 13 cópias, 2 resenhas
Christmas for the Deputy (2019) 13 cópias
Sweet Home Cowboy (2022) — Autor — 13 cópias, 1 resenha
Want You More (2017) 11 cópias, 2 resenhas
Wyoming Cowboy Justice (2018) 10 cópias, 2 resenhas
Cowboy in the Crosshairs (2021) 9 cópias
Shot Through the Heart (2021) 9 cópias, 1 resenha
Ignite (2016) 9 cópias, 3 resenhas
Seven-Night Stand (2013) 9 cópias, 1 resenha
Wyoming Cowboy Ranger (2019) 8 cópias
Wyoming Cowboy Sniper (2019) 8 cópias
Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard (2019) 7 cópias
Badlands Beware (2020) 7 cópias
Summer Stalker (2021) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
A Nice Day for a Cowboy Wedding (2018) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
Mountainside Murder (2021) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
So Wrong It Must Be Right (2017) 7 cópias, 1 resenha
Backcountry Escape (2020) 6 cópias
Small Town Vanishing (2022) 6 cópias
Flight Risk (2013) 6 cópias
The Lost Hart Triplet (2022) 5 cópias, 1 resenha
South Dakota Showdown (2020) 5 cópias
Isolated Threat (2020) 5 cópias
Too Friendly to Date (2014) 4 cópias
Too Close to Resist (2014) 4 cópias
Undercover Rescue (2022) 4 cópias
Covert Complication (2020) 4 cópias
Badlands Pursuit (2022) 3 cópias
So Bad It Must Be Good (2017) 3 cópias, 1 resenha
All I Want (2016) 3 cópias
Wyoming Standoff (2022) 3 cópias
Forever Yours: A Wedding Collection [7-in-1] (2016) — Contribuinte — 2 cópias
Risky Return (2014) 2 cópias, 1 resenha
Danger on Dakota Ridge [and] Wyoming Cowboy Justice (2018) — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)
Renegade Protector [and] Wyoming Christmas Ransom (2018) — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)
Cowboy SEAL Healing (2020) 1 exemplar(es)
Flight Delay (2017) 1 exemplar(es)
The Creator's Kids (2024) 1 exemplar(es)
Romance Me, Cowboy (2015) — Autor — 1 exemplar(es)


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Missouri, USA



Terrific combination of romance and suspense. Anna is the youngest of the six Hudson siblings and a private investigator like the others. She occasionally helps with the family's cold case investigations but primarily works for another firm. As the book opens, she is injured during one of her investigations caught in a deliberately set fire.

The arson investigator assigned to the case is Hawk Steele, the man she had a one-night stand with a few months earlier. She has been putting off telling him that she is pregnant, but the cat is now out of the bag. Hawk, a loner by choice, is stunned but determined to be a father to his child.

Neither has forgotten the night they spent together. Hawk wants marriage, but Anna will only marry for love. With Anna in danger, Hawk's protective instincts are aroused, and he is determined to keep her safe. As they investigate the fire and subsequent attacks on Anna, the feelings between them strengthen.

I enjoyed watching loner Hawk deal with the Hudson family, their closeness, and their involvement in each other's lives. The scene with Mary and the puppy was hilarious.

The suspense of the story was fantastic. I was glued to the pages as the attacks on Anna intensified, and the entire family and Hawk searched past cases to see who might be behind the attacks. The twists and turns were incredible. The final confrontation was a nail-biter and had me on the edge of my seat until it was over. I especially enjoyed Anna's part.

I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I'd like to know if they find out what happened to their parents.
… (mais)
scoutmomskf | 1 outra resenha | May 31, 2024 |
Good book. Palmer was surprised when Louisa came to him with an investigation request. She is his little sister's best friend and a woman he has tried to avoid for a long time. He doesn't know when she went from being that pesky friend of Anna's to a beautiful woman but it is playing havoc with his life.

Louisa receives some disturbing information, and Palmer is the only person she trusts to keep her secret while they investigate. The hard part is keeping a lid on her crush on him since she was a kid.

The suspense of the story kept me turning the pages. Who is the person claiming Louisa is her kidnapped sister? What do her parents know about this? I could feel Louisa's confusion and worry over the truth. When she and Palmer look into her past, it becomes evident that someone doesn't want her to discover the truth. Escalating attacks put Louisa's life in jeopardy. I did not expect the perpetrator to be who it was. The final confrontation was a nail-biter.

I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Louisa and Palmer. He has quite the reputation, and it was fun to see people warning them away from each other. Both tried to fight their feelings but love won out.
… (mais)
scoutmomskf | May 28, 2024 |
Cold Case Investigation by Nicole Helm is an entertaining romantic suspense. Cold Case Investigation is the third book in the Hudson Sibling Solutions series. It can be read as a standalone, but reading the series in order allows you to get to know the Hudson siblings and the other characters. Cold Case Investigation is my favorite book in the series. I enjoyed getting to know Anna Hudson better. Hawk Steele is a loner, but that will not work if he is going to be involved with Anna. I like how the Hudson siblings watch out for each other (a protective group of siblings). There is a scene with Mary, Hawke, and a puppy that had me laughing. Mary was not taking no for an answer. The characters are developed, and they have emotional depth. The mystery was full of action and suspense. I loved all the twists, turns, and drama. Cold Case Investigation had me staying up late to find out the resolution.… (mais)
Kris_Anderson | 1 outra resenha | May 24, 2024 |
Sometimes you have to tie some ideas together to find the facts.
It’s who he is.

When their current cold case leads Hudson sibling Grant to the resurrection of a cult, the past hits way to close to home in the first book in what looks to be a very promising Hudson Sibling Solutions series.
ValeriS29 | outras 2 resenhas | Feb 26, 2024 |

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