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Elizabeth Hardwick was born on July 27, 1916, in Lexington, Kentucky. Hardwick earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Kentucky, then she enrolled at Columbia University for additional study. Formerly an adjunct associate professor of English at Barnard College in New mostrar mais York, Hardwick has spent most of her adult life writing novels and essays. Hardwick's first novel, The Ghostly Lover, a story about a Kentucky family, was published in 1945. Since then, Hardwick has also written the novels The Simple Truth and Sleepless Nights. Her books of essays include A View of My Own, Sight-Readings: American Fiction, and Seduction and Betrayal: Women and Literature. Once nominated for the National Book Award, Seduction and Betrayal focuses on American writers, especially women writers, including Edith Wharton, Gertrude Stein, Katherine Anne Porter, among others. The founder and advisory editor of the New York Review of Books, Hardwick's works have appeared in periodicals such as The New Yorker, The London Times Literary Supplement, and Harper's. She died at the age of 91 on December 2, 2007. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The Best American Essays of the Century (2000) — Contribuinte — 772 cópias
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Wonderful Town: New York Stories from The New Yorker (2000) — Contribuinte — 354 cópias
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Nome padrão
Hardwick, Elizabeth
Outros nomes
Prynne, Xavier
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Local de nascimento
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Local de falecimento
New York, New York, USA
Locais de residência
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
New York, New York, USA
University of Kentucky
Columbia University
short story writer
literary critic
biographer (mostrar todas 7)
writing teacher
Lowell, Robert (former husband)
American Academy of Arts and Letters (Literature, 1977)
New York Review of Books
American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award (Literature ∙ 1974)
Guggenheim Fellowship (1947)
Pequena biografia
Elizabeth Hardwick was born to a large, strict Protestant family in Lexington, Kentucky. She earned a bachelor's and a master's degree from the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1939, and moved to New York City. There she studied for a Ph.D. at Columbia University, but dropped out in 1941 to focus on her writing. Her experience as a young Southern woman in Manhattan provided the background for her debut novel, The Ghostly Lover, published in 1945. She published two more novels, including Sleepless Nights (1979), a partly autobiographical work. Hardwick developed an elegant, analytical voice that became her trademark as an essayist and critic for intellectual and literary journals such as Partisan Review. She edited The Selected Letters of William James (1961), published the essay collection A View of My Own (1962), and helped to found The New York Review of Books in 1963. NYRB became the principal outlet for her literary criticism, which later appeared in four volumes including Seduction and Betrayal: Women and Literature (1974) and Sight-Readings (1998). She also wrote a biography of Herman Melville that appeared in 2000. In the 1970s and early 1980s, Hardwick taught writing seminars at Barnard College and Columbia University, becoming a mentor to students. She was married to poet Robert Lowell, with whom she had a daughter, from 1949 until 1972, a relationship The New York Times characterized as "restless and emotionally harrowing."



Posiblemente la obra más crítica de Elizabeth Hardwick, Seducción y traición es un retrato apasionado sobre las mujeres y la literatura. Una galería de escritoras inolvidables ?Virginia Woolf y Zelda Fitzgerald, Dorothy Wordsworth y Jane Carlyle?, así como una reflexión provocadora de obras como Cumbres borrascosas, Hedda Gabler y los poemas de Sylvia Plath. Una lectura que, en realidad, es un ajuste de cuentas con las relaciones entre hombres y mujeres, mujeres y escritura, escritura y vida.… (mais)
bibliotecayamaguchi | Dec 29, 2023 |
To be plunged into again. Heard distantly of hardwick before but didn’t really know about her. The Kentucky grounding was a nice surprise.
sirk.bronstad | outras 21 resenhas | Nov 14, 2023 |
Slim yet dense. So much goes on yet nothing happens. There's a story somewhere yet there is no narrative. I'm just running out of conjunctions over here.

It's obvious why this book is considered a seminal text among many of the authors that I love. The structure of Jenny Offill's Dept. Of Speculation is reminiscent of the random paragraphs in Sleepless Nights; there are tons of loose and fragmented thoughts with no sense of cohesion to the statements written just before. Rachel Cusk's protagonist in Outline also feels like the direct descendant of this novel in the sense that readers only learn about the narrators via their experiences with others. I even get some Maggie Nelson energy, but maybe I'm just grasping at straws.

This didn't floor me like I hoped it would. If push came to shove I'd describe the plot as nonexistent and the writing as uneven, but I appreciate its wit, intelligence, and significance.

OH - naming your protagonist after yourself? BALLER MOVE. Mother of autofiction ooooor?
… (mais)
1 vote
cbwalsh | outras 21 resenhas | Sep 13, 2023 |
Incredibly beautiful words that flow and captivate imagination and interest. I truly enjoyed reading this series of delightful essays with an exquisite almost magical take on ordinary people and scenes. A joy for the senses of a reader!
c.archer | outras 21 resenhas | May 25, 2023 |



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