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Hild (2013) 1,582 cópias
Ammonite (1992) 1,355 cópias
Slow River (1995) 1,197 cópias
The Blue Place (1998) 580 cópias
Spear (2022) 451 cópias
Stay (2002) 423 cópias
Always (2007) 278 cópias
Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction (1998) — Editor — 221 cópias
Bending the Landscape: Fantasy (1997) — Editor — 209 cópias
So Lucky (2018) 177 cópias
Menewood (2023) 135 cópias
Bending the Landscape: Horror (2001) — Editor — 109 cópias
Cold Wind (2014) 48 cópias

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Hild imagines the early life of an historical woman who seemed to defy the norms of her time. The resulting portrait of Hild, her family, her times is of an intelligent and informed person of good will, closely enough related to the ambitions and insecure king, Edwin, that any carelessness was immensely dangerous. She lives with secrets that must be kept and, in assuming the position as a seer, must give only answers that the King will use to his benefit. I liked the realistically portrayed social circle with limitations and joys so different from our own, and the very different value systems that are still comprehensible. The choice to use Byzantine for Roman jarred and the frequent descriptions of tablet weaving are not consistent with what I've learned, nor does the brief description of turning a gold ring into gold thread sound quite right. But these do represent the constant work in producing fabric and decorative fabric and self-conscious manipulative status displays through clothing.… (mais)
quondame | outras 95 resenhas | May 4, 2024 |
A somewhat distractedly different take on Arthurian myth which introduces Pereture a self taught super strength young woman who slots into a Percival shaped opening of Arthur's companions. Lance fills the usual slot but there is also a Bedwyr, a name often used for Arthur's closest companion, but aside from coloring just a generic companion here. It's short and abrupt at points and holds the interest well enough to be worth reading.
quondame | outras 23 resenhas | Mar 13, 2024 |
What kept me engaged at the beginning of Slow River was all the detail about waste-water treatment methods! Yes, I am a huge nerd. It was only more towards the end that Lore's three selves---childhood, her time with Spanner, and the time after Spanner---really started to come together so that I wasn't frustrated to be left hanging at the end of each (short) section, and started to fall for Lore herself. The way everything comes together at the end---"like the confluence of three rivers"---is just wonderful.

Tense switching usually irritates me, but in Slow River I almost didn't notice and it actually succeeded in helping the mental transition between sections of the story. If you're a writer, this is the book to study.

Please note that this book is pretty much all about abuse. There is hinted (and eventually, dealt with head-on) child sexual abuse, rape/"date" rape/all kinds of messed up consent, an abusive partner, forced sex work, suicide and attempted suicide, etc.... I'm sure I'm forgetting things. Not a very happy book. But it has an optimistic ending, which is important to me.

This was interesting to read right after I finished Trouble and Her Friends, another queer sci fi novel. In Trouble, the criminals are lovable scamps; in Slow River, living outside the law has serious consequences even when no one gets caught. Spanner's image of herself as a quirky, essentially good Robin Hood who lives by her wits has many cracks and flaws.

The other similarity between the two books, of course, is that Lore is a lesbian, and so are many of the major and minor characters, and that's NOT one of the traumas---there is no homophobia at all. (There also isn't any visible racism, though there is an intense ableist scene.) On the other hand, in Trouble and Her Friends, homophobia and racism and sexism haven't truly changed, they've just adapted to new contexts with new twists. I thought a lot about the contrasts between these two visions of institutional discrimination, and while Trouble's is probably more realistic, Slow River's is still an interesting change of pace. It certainly makes you think.
… (mais)
caedocyon | outras 46 resenhas | Mar 6, 2024 |
The writing style and prose are simplistic and the plotting speeds ahead extremely quickly. A supernatural/metaphysical element is unconvincing and eye-roll inducing when it makes one of its occasional appearances. A threat of serial killers targeting MS patients on a cross country crime wave headed for the protagonist is, while unlikely and by-the-numbers-spare, at least something. The protagonist spends the whole of this short book in a state of bitterness and unpleasantness. Not much to recommend here for me.… (mais)
lelandleslie | outras 16 resenhas | Feb 24, 2024 |



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